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To: Dennis Ruzicka, instructor for ENG 321 at Ferris State University
From: Summer Pike, ENG 321 student at Ferris State University
Date: May 31, 2014
Subject: Focus for semester project employee health position
Assignment Purpose:
The purpose of this assignment is to present a problem or unmet need that my semester project
will be focusing on.
Unmet Need:
Currently, at Mercy Health in Muskegon, our associate health program is lacking the
fundamental structure to support their employees adequately due to lack of appropriate
documentation, education, and feedback.

Associate health records are incomplete or non-existent

Follow-up is not being managed appropriately regarding immune status, slips, falls,
fatigue, back injury, emotional/physical abuse, etc.
Non-compliant with MIOSHA, JC, CMS, or HFAP regulations & guidelines.
Limited non-medical personnel managing the program (no associate health nurse).

Our associates are at risk due to the possibility of an unsafe work environment resulting from
lack of education about their health and safety.
Proposed Solution:
Hire a full time qualified registered nurse to support and re-develop the current associate health
program structure.

Present a valid proposal/process improvement plan (Plan, Do Check, Act) to the Senior
Leadership Team at Mercy Health, which addresses the need to develop an
organizationally sound associate health program and the hiring of a full time RN to
o Background Info
o Problem
o Current State
o Root Cause Analysis
o Goal
o Proposal

Organizational Community:
A merger between Mercy General Health Partners and Hackley Hospital, in Muskegon, occurred
in 2008, at which time there were two different employee health programs.

Mercy had West Shore Occupational Health (2169 employees)

Hackley had Joanne for immunization health tracking and Work Place Health (1235

Currently there are approximately 4000 employees working for Mercy Health in Muskegon.