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To: Mercy Health Human Resource Specialist Matt Murphy; Associate Health Supervisor
From: Summer Pike, ENG 321 student at Ferris State University
Date: August 11, 2014
Subject: Detailed Instructions for Phase 1 Section Five in the Re-Development of Associate
Health Program
Assignment Purpose:
The purpose of this assignment is to provide the Mercy Health Human Resource Department
and the Associate Health Supervisor with a set of detailed instructions on the implementation of
Phase 1- section five, hiring of an associate health nurse, in the re-development of Mercy Health
Muskegon Associate Health Program.
Contact Information:
If you need any additional information, please contact me

Detailed Instructions for Phase 1 - Sec. 5

Hiring of an Associate Health Nurse
Submitted by Summer Pike
Submitted to Mercy Health Human Resource Specialist Matt Murphy
and the Associate Health Supervisor
Mercy Health - Muskegon
August 11, 2014


With current regional strategic planning, a past history of poor associate health
ownership, current budgeting, and the remaining amount of research and planning that is still
needed to effectively support and sustain an Associate Health Program for Mercy Health, a draft
business plan for a phased approach was developed and has been accepted. The plan consists of
five phases to be implemented over the next two years with a continued focus on a regional
approach (see Appendix A). The following instructions will be focusing only on section five,
hiring of an associate health nurse, in the five section series of Phase 1. The person responsible
for this task will be the associate health supervisor.
Phase 1 plan has five sections and will take place over 8 weeks.

Defining departmental responsibility for associate health.

Developing an organizational reporting structure.
Developing and approving an associate health nurse job description.
Define measurable data that tracks the positions return on investment.
Hiring of an associate health nurse.
Supplies and Resources

1.) An Associate Health Nurse part-time position, approximately 32 hours per week at
$35.00 to $38.00 per hour, or a salary of $58,240.00 - $63,232.00 a year.
2.) Payment of benefits for a part-time position at 32 hours per week ($12,000.00)
3.) A human resource recruitment specialist and the associate health supervisor will be
dedicated to this posting for ~ * 4-6 weeks
Estimated Cost:
Listing and advertising the position ($100)
Interviewing and hiring ($2000.00)
4.) The initial investment to hire an associate health nurse would cost the organization
approximately $72,340.00 - $77,332.00 the first year.
* Deadline - In order to stay within the plans time constraints it is crucial that recruitment and hiring of this
position not exceed 6 weeks.

Human Resource Specialist (HRS) Matt Murphy

Receive approval and the associate health nurse job description from SLT.
Next, post the position on the human resource web page.
Check the web-site daily for any application questions.
After one or two weeks, collect all applications and begin screening. You will continue to
keep the posting up until an acceptance has been made.

5.) Once you are finished screening the applications, you can submit them, via inter-office
mail, to the positions supervising manager.
6.) Send a confirmation email so you know that the manager has received the applications.
The managers list of possible candidates should be returned within one week.
7.) Once you receive the managers list, begin scheduling interviews using the peer interview
method (list of peers provided by the manager).
8.) Update manager with interview schedule via email.
9.) After all the peer interviews have been conducted, schedule a meeting with the
interviewees and the manager to debrief on application interviews.
10.) Then, schedule meetings with the final applicants and the manager.
11.) After all final applicants have met with the manager, await his or her decision on which
candidate was offered the position.
12.) Once the offer has been accepted, set-up a time with the candidate to complete insurance
application, physical, name badge, W-2 info, orientation, and hire date.
13.) Finally, once step 12 is complete, the first day of hire will be established.
14.) Notify manager of the requested date of hire.
Applicant Manager
1.) After receiving a confirmation email, from the HRS, make sure to check you inter-office
mail on a daily basis for applications submitted.
2.) Once you receive the applications, review them and filter out any applicants that you
would like to have interviewed by your staff.
3.) Return all applications to the HRS, separating those you are interested in along with a list
of peers you would like to participate in the interview process. This must be completed
within one week.
4.) After the HRS has scheduled peer interview meetings, with the possible candidates you
suggested, he or she will provide you with a schedule for these to occur.
5.) When the interviews are completed, you will be notified, by the HRS, to attend a debrief
meeting. The debrief meeting will consist of reviewing the applicants with your staff, as
well as, answering any questions.
6.) After the debrief discussion, contact the HRS, and provide a list of final candidates you
would like to interview.
7.) After the HRS receives your final list, he or she will schedule times for you to interview
candidates. If the scheduled times dont work, contact the HRS immediately so that he or
she can reschedule. If all times scheduled do work for you, proceed to interviewing.
8.) Once interviewing is complete, notify the HRS, and provide him or her with the accepted
candidate name.
9.) Finally, the HRS will notify you with a requested date of hire.

The re-development of an organizational program takes a lot of planning and

involvement from peers. In this interview model, for a new associate health position, a peer

interviewing method was used. In order to help tell how effective this interview process was,
there will be a satisfaction survey created for each participatory group.

Appendix A

Re-Development Plan for Mercy Health Muskegon Associate Health Program

The proposal consists of five phases to be implemented over the next two years with a continued
focus on a regional approach.
Phase 1 (~ 4-8 weeks): Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is to define departmental responsibility
for associate health, develop the organizational reporting structure, develop and approve an
associate health nurse job description (see Appendix), hire an associate health nurse, and define
measurable data to track the jobs return on investment.
*Phase 2 (~ 3-6 months): Associate health nurse is to begin new hire employee tracking of
immunizations (~600 new hires per year) and research and plan for the development of a
Regional Associate Health Program.
*Phase 3 (~ 3 months): Associate health nurse to continue with above duties and begin Family
Medical Leave Act (FMLA)/Short Term Disability (STD) reviews for clarification and
*Phase 4 (~ 7 months): Associate health nurse to continue with above duties and begin
researching the current short term comprehensive disability process and present an update based
on previous defined measurable data to show the current return on investment.
*Phase 5 (~ 6 months): Associate health nurse to continue with above duties and begin
developing a proposal for an Associate Health Clinic and further resources.
*After Phase 1 is implemented, the associate health nurse will begin presenting monthly progress updates to the MH
Senior Leadership Team for review.