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Script and Skit Project -Unit1 Nom: Excellent (4 points) Good (3 points) Fair (2 points) Poor (1 point) ‘Oral Presentation Consistently Generally pronounces known | Sometimes pronounces | Most known words are pronounces known words correctly. Some known words correctly. ‘mispronounced and Pronunciation words correctly inconsistencies in Several inconsistencies in | understanding is pronunciation do not impede | pronunciation which | impossible. x understanding of the words. impede understanding. Vocal expression Speaks Toud and dear — | Speaks somewhat loudly and | Voices soft and words | Voice is too soft to be enough so that the clearly. The message is heard by | are not clear and cannot heard. message is easily heard | the audience with a little be easily heard by the by the audience. difficulty. audience. Group is completely Group seems pretty prepared | The groupis somewhat | Group does not seem at all prepared and has but might have needed a couple | prepared, but itis clear | prepared to present. ‘obviously rehearsed, _| more rehearsals. that rehearsal was lacking. “Appropriate body “Appropriate body language was | Inappropriate body [inappropriate body language was used and | not consistently used andthe _| language was sometimes _| language was used and the the skit engaged the skit was relatively engaging to | used and the skit was [skit was not engaging to audience the audience slightly engagingto the the audience. audience. Witten Serine The project always used | The project usually used the | The project sometimes | The project rarely used the correct use of correct use of personal used the correctuse of the correct use of personal Language concepts personal pronouns, pronouns, verb, and verb personal pronouns, verb, |pronouns, verb, and verb verb, and verb ‘agreement, and had spelling and verb agreement, and agreement, and had many agreement and had few | errors, which did not impede | had spelling errors, which | spelling errors which spellingerrors.ifany. | the comprehension of the impeded the impeded the whichdid notimpede | message comprehension ofthe comprehension of the the comprehension of message. message the message. Content All of the content ‘Almost all (about 90%) of the ‘Most (about 75%) of the | Many content requirements were met. | content requirements were met. | content requirements _|requirements were not x32 were met. met Cvaperation/use oftime | Student used class time | Student was on task mast ofthe | Student was frequently off | Student was oftask wisely and was on task. | time. Student sometimes task. Student rarely ‘Student did not work xis Student worked Worked together with their | worked togetherwith _| together with thelr group together with their___| groupand made some their group and made very | and did not contribution. groupand contributed | contribution tothe project. _| litle contribution tothe tothe project. project. Serpe The scripts well ‘The scriptis ought out butit | The script is written in| Script was choppy and thought out and follows | is somewhat difficult to follow | sucha way thatitis very | did not follow logical sis avery logical sequence | the sequence of events. difficult to follow the | sequence of events. of events. sequence of events. Total / 56 ) @ Les Sentiments Poster Nom: Excellent (4 points) Good (3 points) Fair (2 points) Poor (1 points) Language | The project always used | The project usually | The project sometimes _| The project rarely used Concepts —_| the correct use of used the correct use of | used the correct use of the correct use of (_.x3)= _| personal pronouns, personal pronouns, —_| personal pronouns, verb, _ | personal pronouns, verb, verb, and conjugation _| verb, and conjugation _| and conjugation (5-6 and conjugation (more (no mistakes) (2-3 mistakes) mistakes) than 7 mistakes) Contentof | the project included all_| The project included 6- | The projectincluded4-5 —_| The project included less Message 8sentences describing | 7 sentences describing | sentences describing than 4 sentences (_x2)= _| different feelings. different feelings. different feelings. describing different feelings. Mlustrations | each sentence is Each sentence is Most sentences are No pictures were drawn (—x2)= | accompanied by a accompanied by a accompanied bya picture | to demonstrate any picture which very picture which mostly | which somewhat associated feelings or clearly demonstrates _| demonstrates the demonstrates the feeling. | pictures did not the feeling. feeling demonstrate the feeling, Spelling | all spellingofknown —_| Spellingis almost all _| Spelling is sometimes ‘There are many spelling (_x2)= words is correct. correct (2-3 mistakes). | correct (5-6 mistakes) mistakes (more than 7), which do not impede which impede comprehension. comprehension, Tite ‘The title stands out, The title is clearly The title is difficult to see | There is no title. (—x.5)= | draws attention to itself, | visible. and does not stand out. and is set apart. Presentation | rhe project is very The project is quite | The projects somewhat _| The project is not (_x.5)= | organized, legibleand _| organized, legible, and | organized, legible, and organized, legible, or attractive attractive attractive attractive, Total = /40