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MACMILLAN GUIDED READERS INTERMEDIATE LEVEL FREDERICK FORSYTH Used in Evidence and Other Stories Retold by Stephen Colbourn EITECGnS Ta MACMILLAN GUIDED READERS * MODERNS INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Founding Editor: John Milne Macmillan Guided Readers provide a choice of enjoyable reading material for all learners of English. The series comprises three cat- egories: MODERNS, CLASSICS and ORIGINALS. Macmillan Moderns are retold versions of popular and contemporary novels, published at four levels of grading — Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Upper. At Intermediate Level, the control of content and language has the following main features: Information Control Information vital to the understanding of the story is presented in an easily assimilated manner and is repeated when necessary. Difficult allusion and metaphor are avoided and cultural back- grounds are made explicit. Structure Control Most structures used in the Readers will be familiar to students who have completed an elementary course of English. Other grammat- ical features may occur, but their use is made clear through context and reinforcement. This ensures that the reading is enjoyable and provides a continual learning situation for the students. Sentences are limited in most cases to a maximum of three clauses and with- in sentences there is a balance of adverbial and adjectival phrases. Great care is taken with pronoun reference. Vocabulary Control At Intermediate Level there is a basic vocabulary of approximate- ly 1600 words. Help is given to students in the form of illustrations which are closely related to the text. Glossary Some difficult words and phrases in this book are important for understanding the story. Some of these words are explained in the story, some are shown in the pictures, and others are marked with a number like this: ...!, Words with a number are explained in the Glossary. Contents A Note About These Stories Maps USED IN EVIDENCE THE EMPEROR THERE ARE NO SNAKES IN IRELAND Points for Understanding Glossary 24 41 56 59