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Name: Juan Balleza/Gian Melo

Duration: (sometime in spring) 5-6


Musical Focus: concepts/skills to

Active Listening
Standards Addressed


Sunshine State Standards (music)


Critique personal performance, experiment

White board
with a variety of solutions, and make
appropriate adjustments with guidance
teachers (Finale)
and peers. (MU.68.C.2.1)

Perform music from memory to

Various audio sources.(Youtube,
demonstrate knowledge of the musical
structure. (MU.68.S.2.1)

Demonstrate proper vocal or instrumental

technique. (MU.68.S.3.2)

Describe the functions of music from

various cultures and time periods.

Objectives: Learners will

Understand (cognitive):
-The different aspects to take into account

when composing, arranging a musical work.

-The concepts of collaboration and group work
towards a common goal.

- How a musical work can be altered and that

there are no limits in creating music, and also

how taste plays an influential role in the music



- The students will be shown three different versions of the
national anthem.
- What is an anthem? What uses are given to an anthem?
What an anthem means based on current, past events?
- Facts on the national anthem (historical, who wrote
lyrics, who composed the music)
Process & Personalization:
DAY 1, during the preparation process, students will be
divided in 4 groups of 7-8 students. As homework they
will be asked to look up for any other kind of rendition
of the national anthem and also a particular style of
music that they like (rock, rap, disco, salsa, etc) with an
example of it, they will be asked to share it with their
respective groups on the next day the class meets.
- DAY 2, at the beginning of the class, each group will be
assigned a section of the national anthem (4 sections, 4
groups). Then they will share and discuss the different
renditions they found and also list the different styles of
music each of the group members chose. Out of the
different styles, they will select one (either by putting it
to the vote or common agreement); the chosen style
will be presented to the whole class and they will
explain why they decided on that style. After all styles
have been introduced, itll be decided as a whole class;
which style (anthem section) will we be visited and
analyze next class.
- DAY 3, at the beginning of the class, the notated
section of the anthem will be projected on the
whiteboard via Finale, the students will listen and will
be asked to identify the different elements on display
(melody, harmonies, rhythms, which instruments are
playing what, phrasing). Later, and audio example of
the selected style will be played for one minute (no
music notation but an audio track displayed via Fruity
loops {so it can be slowed down for transcribing
purposes}), then it will be open to discussion the
various musical elements that make up the selected
style (rhythm, harmony, melody); a section of the audio
track will be looped so as a class we start transcribing
an eight measure sample of the style selection. The
transcription will be compared to the already written

Arranging is a process that may be applied to any kind of
music, all is need for it is the ability to listen carefully,
understand what is going on musically, and in which way is
intended to be manipulated so it obtains the desired