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Steve Galicia

Rhetoric and composition

Annotated bib

Coontz, Stephanie. (2014, October, 13). Why America Changed its Mind on Gay Marriage.
CNN. Retrieved from:
Coontz article investigates how the United States people would react to the idea of same sex
marriage 30 years before today. It gives and provides statistics to show the percentages
throughout the last thirty years and how the American people have changed their views on the
idea of the legalization of same sex marriage. This article shows us that sooner or later the
majority of the United States public will be more accepting of the legalization of same sex
marriage in the U.S.
The percentages and statistics presented in the article show credibility also show how not only a
specific part of the U.S. has changed their point of view but all together including the Socially
Conservative South. Although the articles main focus is to show how the United States have
Changed their views, the article gives us information found in previous years where the idea of
same sex marriage was obsolete.
This articles information, statistics, and percentage and proof of the shift to a more accepting
America will be quite useful in my literature review assignment.

Nelson, L. (2014). Recognition of Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships as Marriages in

Same-Sex Marriage States. Vol. 98 Issue 3, p1171-1209.
Nelson article brushes upon many of the laws that are found in various states and what the same
sex couples can do and what they cannot do. The article also states the rights that same sex
couples have in the different states. The acts that have been implemented are also stated and
specify what they do what they are protecting and what the purpose of the act is. The article
examines the Marriage Act and provides others acts that have been implemented since February
The article is credible because the information comes from the university of Minnesota law
school. Also the information is cited and all the statements can be backed up with proof.
Nelsons article is vital to my research because the contents found in this article provides acts that
have been implemented to help individuals in the same sex community achieve equal rights.

Newton, D. E. (2010, September, 2) Same Sex Marriage: A Reference Handbook. Pg. 81- 103
In Newtons book same sex marriage: A reference Hand Book, pages 81-103 gives a worldwide
perspective on the issue of same sex marriage. It gives and over view on how people from many
parts of the globe view same sax marriage, the author also gives a background history on the
subject. The book gives an over view on how Europe, Mexico, Argentina, and many other
countries have come on the take of the subject.

This chapter is to show the reader what countries think about same sex marriage. It has
credibility because the chapter uses statistics and percentages and has citations of where the
information was retrieved.
This information will be useful in my future assignment because the information can be
compared and contrasted on what is being implemented in the US.

TFP Student Action (2014). 10 Reasons Why Homosexual Marriage is Harmful and Must be
Opposed. TFP Student Action. Retrieved from:
This article gives ten reason why same sex marriage is morally wrong and should not be legalize
because of the factors that it will have an affect on. Many of the arguments that are found on the
article are religion based. Also the fear of the acceptance of the same sex marriage in society is
something that these people want to avoid.
The credibility that is established through out the article is supported by the information that is
found in the bible and it cites where in the bible it is stated and why it is wrong. The article
revolves around mostly religious statements but it is backed up profoundly in the article.
This article will be useful in my assignment for the reason that it provides the opposite point of
view in the controversial topic of same sex marriage.

TFP Student Action. ( June 01, 2009). Why Gay Marriage is Wrong. TFP Student Action.
Retrieved from :

This article focuses on why the legalization of same sex marriage is wrong but it is very different
from the other article. This one takes a more factual approach and integrates those into societies
and how it will be affected, this articles main focus in not in the religious category like the other.
This list focuses on frequently stated statements on why same sex marriage should be legalized.
And then points out why the statement is incorrect.
I do not believe this source is credible. The information stated has no actual support on why it is
stated and why it should be considered for the information seems to lean on the side of opinion
rather than anything else.
Although the information seems to be biased and not credible it will be useful for my next
assignment because it gives the opposite point of view in the discussion but in a very different

Whitely, J. (October 26, 2014). Carter: States should decide same-sex marriage issue. USA
TODAY. Retrieved from:
In this article the point of view of former president carter is expressed and he shares his opinion
on who should have the power to actually implement the legalization of same sex marriage in the
United States. Carter states that the states individually should be responsible of those

implementations in the states and not the federal government. If a state does not want the
legalization of same sex marriage in its communities then the state has the ultimate right to not
implement that law, according to Carter.
This article stresses the importance of states having the right in order to decide who should be
able to legalize and implement the laws of same sex marriage it. This provides a solution to the
problem on whether the power to legalize same sex marriage should root from the states or be
implemented on by the government.
This article will prove useful in my research because there is much discussion that should be
clarified in the United States on who should have the power to implement these laws in the U.S.

Kinckerbocker, B. (October 25, 2014). Same-sex marriage gets another big boost from the
Obama administration. The Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved from:
The article revolves around how Obama has supported the legalization of same sex marriage in
six states that have recently deemed the ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional. As this ban
has been lifted, this allows same sex couples to be able to openly partake in marriage. The states
that have stated the bans as unconstitutional are: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West
Virginia and Wyoming. These states now allowing the marriage of people who are in same sex
relationships. This has now left the total of 18 states that do not allow the marriage and the rest
do permit the action.

This article shows the changes in how states are coming to rule out the bans against same sex
marriage. Through the information found in the article we come to conclude that more than half
of the states in the U.S. has come to accept the legalization of same sex marriage. These results
have been noted by the LGBT as a great step towards equality.
This article is important because the progress that the United States has come to accomplish in
the legalization of the same sex marriage is important to note in my research for my assignment.
This will work as a way to show where the LGBT stands on its steps towards equality.
Capehart, J. ( October 13, 2014).Gay Marriage Victories Only Go So Far. The Washington Post.
Retrieved from:
The article main focus is that although the legalization of same sex marriage is great progress to
the LGBT community because many states are begging to accept the idea. Although this is great
progress the simple fact that the marriages are now legal does not at all mean that the partakers
are considered as equals by society. The author uses the social security act as an example of the
un equal treatment of the same sex couples. Their rights of the social security act would be put
on hold or not considered at all depending on the state they were found in.
The article comes to show that even though the marriages are legalized society does not
necessarily treat the people equally. Even though there is some form of progress for the LGBT
there is still much discrimination and inequality found.
This article will be very useful for my next assignment because the information that is found
within will show us that even though there are some changes there is still much inequality found.