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Professional Development Planning

Teachers_K Team__

Topic _Developmentally Appropriate Practice_

Focus on Student Learning
SLO: Students who scored at or below the 50th percentile on
the Fall MAP assessment for Foundational skills will improve
by one RIT band equivalency (20pts) by the end of the year.
This will be measured by the Fall 2014 to Spring 2015 MAP

Transfer Goal (teachers)

~Child-centered learning will inform and drive our
planning, instruction, and assessment.
~Share our learning and practices with other
professionals and families.

Transfer Goal(s):
To equip students to independently demonstrate
collaboration, communication, critical thinking and

PD Enduring Understanding

PD Big Ideas

Students learn necessary standards (Early Learning,

CCSS, NGSS) best with appropriate instruction and in
an appropriate environment.

~DAP addresses multiple modalities and domains to

better engage and prepare students for college and
career readiness.
~CCSS can be taught while keeping the childs needs in
~On-going assessment is necessary and can take many
~Assessment addresses all necessary standards.
~Social-emotional skills impact academic success.
What will we (teachers) KNOW and be able to DO?
~Align instruction to standards.
~Align assessment to standards.
~Create a data bank of forms of assessment.
~Teach CCSS in a DA way.
~Define DAP.
~Know how to directly instruct social-emotional and
executive functioning skills.
~Provide justifications for our methods of instruction.
~Share our learning and practices with other
professionals and families.

PD Essential Question(s)
-How should DAP assessment look/ fit into our
-How can we better teach CCSS while keeping true
to DAP and the whole child?
-How can we promote the awareness of the
importance of DAP?
-How will this action research have a different
impact on our students a year from now?



What important student learning will result from this professional learning goal?
Why is this a priority? (data)

What connections can be made from previous professional learning to this new
professional learning goal?

-MAP Data
-KRA Data
-Behavior Data/ PBIS Data
-Research: 60% academically ready, 40% socialemotional ready
-Parent survey (beginning/ end of year)
-Previous school experience vs. not
-Demographic data

-KRA training
-Ruby Payne training
-PD on Project based learning
-Unpacking standards
-CCSS training
-CD training
-CES training
-Critical Friends Group

-SEFEL training*
Timeline for Teachers
-Network with Encore
-Begin DAP Focus on Kindergarten book study
-Implement practice
-Create website and begin data collection
-DAP assessment bank
-Create, find, and use checklist for peer assessment
-SEFEL training
-February PD: 8-11???
-March: meet with families to share-out findings
-?Social-emotional planned AM activities with Title 1 funds
-? Outreach to child care providers/ HeadStart
-? Ready at 5 PD
-Early School Year 2015 Share with administrators
-Continue PD next year and in the future

Timeline for Students (artifacts and assessments)

Begin 1 new DAP