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for children
ages 9 -11
years old

Learning is
Fun projects that children will
want to build
Projects begin to build
confidence and progressively
become more challenging to
keep the children interested
Every project will have an items
needed box so you will know
what to have at hand
Cutting list
Raw material list
Tool list

Fundamental Skills
Use of drawing equipment i.e
T-square, set squares and compass
Drawing up project to scale
Measuring and marking
Planning timber
Cordless drill
Assembling of project

The Importance of Trees....

Trees are great! Not only are they beautiful, some provide food for humans and
wild animals. Some trees are harvested for lumber to build homes and furniture
and make all kinds of paper products. Some trees are just fun to climb!
Did you know that trees play a very important role in the natural environment?
Without them, the Earth would be in big trouble! Trees clean the air we breathe
and create oxygen- which we need to live. Oxygen makes up 21% of the air in
our atmosphere. Plants and trees help keep the oxygen cycle going.
As animals and humans exhale (breathe out), carbon dioxide is released into the
air. During photosynthesis, plants combine carbon dioxide from the air and
hydrogen from water (that they get from the soil) to make simple sugars
(carbohydrates). As a result of the photosynthesis process, the trees release
oxygen into the atmosphere. The carbohydrates are either stored in the tissues
of the plant or used by the plant for energy. This is known as respiration.
Trees are an important part of the water cycle. Trees help cause rain because
they return moisture to the atmosphere. Their roots extract moisture from the
soil while their leaves return moisture to the air as water vapour. This is called
transpiration. The water vapour in the air becomes clouds filled with rain or
snow. Trees prevent erosion.
When it rains, soil can be washed into lakes, streams and rivers. Tree roots keep
soil from washing away. Water is also much cleaner when there are a lot of trees
around. Their leaves, trunk, and roots are natural pollution filters.
Trees can help humans conserve energy. Trees that are planted around your
home provide shade in the summer - making your home cooler and reducing air
conditioning needs. During the winter trees can block cold winds and reduce
heating needs.
Trees provide shelter for animals. Many different types of birds make nests on or
inside trees. Mammals, such as monkeys or squirrels, make nests in trees too!
Fish even use trees limbs that fall into the water to make their homes....

Can anyone tell me why wood is so important to


Creates numerous jobs

Look around the room and tell me what is made of



What is the difference with Hard wood and a Soft

In general, hardwoods come from deciduous trees that lose their leaves
annually, and softwood comes from a conifer, which remains evergreen
throughout the year which is usually less dense than the hardwood trees.
Hardwoods tend to be slower growing and are usually denser.
Softwood usually grows in huge tracts of trees which may spread for miles, while
hardwoods tend to be found mixed with a variety of other species

Different types of hard woods and soft woods

Hard woods maple, oak, elm, mahogany, teak, walnut, cherry Just list 4
Use: hardwoods are durable so used for floors, doors, windows, and outdoor furniture
Soft woods Pine, Redwood, Larch, Cedar, Deal, Spruce, and Whitewood Just list 4
Use: mainly indoor use, doors, tables i.e. coffee tables kitchen tables, toys, pencils, guitars

Distribute pictures of hard wood and soft wood trees...


Safety 1
Why is safety so important?


protects yourself and others around you from injury

teaches you how to work in a safe environment
keeps everyone safe and happy
teaches you to pay attention to your surrounding

What Protective Clothing must worn?

Ear plugs @ 80 decibels for tools

Steel toe shoes
Eye protection
No loose clothing when operating tools

Why do accidents happen?

Arrogance thinking it wont ever happen you

Carelessness not paying attention

How to avoid accidents

Plan ahead
A good attitude towards safety
The right equipment for the job

Tree cookies:
With the use of an old tree trunk in slices of 3 in dept the children will sand it
down so they can count the annular rings to show when the tree was born.

Tool demo and explanation:

I will explain how each tool is used and let each child handle each tool as to get
a feel of it.

Nailing Project:
The children will draw their name on a piece of timber and then hammer round
wire nails into there names making a name plaque, repetitive practice is the key
to mastery

Draw up model airplane:

With the use of drawing equipment we will draw up model airplane that we will
make up from material. Once drawn up we will make out a cutting list and then
continue to mark out the airplane on the timber

List of tools being used:

7oz hammer
Tape measure
Nail set
Tenon saw
Block plane
Drill and drill bits