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Georgia State



2014-present Paraprofessional in Level 2/ ASD K-2 (Simpson ES. GCPS)

2011-2014 Paraprofessional in Level 1/ ASD K-2 (Chattahoochee ES. GCPS)

2012-present Spectrum Social Skills (Atlanta Chapter)

2010-2011 Paraprofessional 3-5 level 2 ASD (Rockbridge ES. GCPS)

Special Olympics Coach

2010-present Gwinnett Co Special Olympics certified head coach

Substitute Teacher

2009-2010 Gwinnett Co Substitute Teacher

Passion for quality education and student/school success. Skills and knowledge areas include:

K-5 Instruction (All Subjects)

GCPS Restraint Training

Ability to Follow Lesson Plans

IEP Documentation

CRCT enrichment instructor

2011-2014 (CES)

Provide instruction to at-risk &

developmentally delayed Students

Formal & Informal Learner Assessment

Classroom Management & Discipline

Fluent with Mimio/SLP Devices

Student Engagement

Technology Integration

Student Council

Gwinnett Clean and


Writing enrichment instructor 2011-2014


Professional Experience
Special Education Paraprofessional, Chattahoochee ES, Duluth, GA; 2011-present
Key Contributions & Educational Outcomes:

Responsibilities include but not limited to, taking data, toileting skills, fine/gross motor skills and tasks which
corresponds with each students IEP.

Provide support for the classroom teacher to produce an optimum learning environment.

Established a sensory schedule and individualize each childs different sensory needs. Work to develop social
skills and appropriate behavior.

Use sign language paired with PEC to better communicate and engage students.

Incorporated technology and creative lessons into daily teaching; created a structured yet enjoyable learning

Elevate social, language and cognitive skills to insure that the student can function in school
and thrive within a self- contained classroom.

Mainstream students in special areas

Spectrum Autism Support Group, Suwanee, GA; 2012-present

Key Contributions:

Provide social skills programs for youth and adults with communication, sensory integrations, social interaction, and
behavioral needs.

Instruct and educate individuals with Autism/Asperger disorder to better function in society and improve daily living.

Create and modify lessons and materials to better asset each individual.

Special Education Paraprofessional, ESY Chattahoochee ES, Duluth, GA; 2011-2014

Worked as a paraprofessional in ASD/severe K-5 and Mod/3-5
Head Coach Special Olympics, Gwinnett County, 2010-present
Became a coach with Special Olympics after working with coordinator Lynette Swanson APE Gwinnett County
Key Contributions:

Lead and organize all games and practices

Work with a vast array of disabilities (e.g. ID, ASD-mild, moderate, sever, Down-syndrome and a multitude of
medical needs)

Collaborate with parents to create a productive and comfortable atmosphere for their child.

Access and use data to obtain maximum performance for each athlete in areas of motor skills, communication,
social skills/ inclusion, coordination, and cognitive functioning.

Establish a strong foundation in sportsmanship, attitude, and self-achievement.

Teach and model skills, differentiate and modify each skill to the individual.

Special Education Paraprofessional, Rockbridge ES, Norcross, GA; 2010-2011

ASD severe k-2 and Mod 3-5
I became a para after working extensively in special education as a substitute at Rockbridge ES. Through
dedication, above and beyond work ethic Rockbridge contacted and offered me the position in the ASD/severe
class. Mid-year moved to ASD/Moderate 3-5 to expand ASD experience.

Substitute Teacher (K-5), Gwinnett County, 2010

I became a substitute teacher after finishing an AS degree to better identify which field of education to pursue a
bachelors degree
Key Contributions & Educational Outcomes:

.Fulfill substitute assignments across all subject areas

Effectively educate students of varied academic/age levels (grades K-5, special education) and diverse cultural
backgrounds. Instruct large classes; communicate with teachers, and administrators; and build a positive
rapport with students.

Dedication, reliability, organization and effectiveness as one of school districts most in-demand substitutes.
Filled in for permanent teachers at a moments notice; closely adhered to lesson plans; and kept students
motivated, engaged and focused.

Showed resourcefulness and teaching effectiveness in meeting the needs of students with limited English
language proficiency as well as learning disabilities.

Incorporated technology into students learning activities for varied academic disciplines. Co-lead an in-service
on Mimio instruction and how to incorporate Mimio in centers.

Voluntarily worked with several after-school programs (e.g., Science club, Drama, Student Council, Wittzle pro
and after-school tutoring

Education & Credentials

Georgia State University

Spring 2012-present

Georgia Paraprofessional Certificate

Expiration 6/30/2018

AS in General Studies, Georgia Military College, Milledgeville, GA; 2009

Concentration in Science Education, contributed in creating an environmental club, mentor to freshman,

published poetry now used as a required book by the college in creative writing.

GACE 2009 Passed