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The Science Department at Wylie High School developed the flipped Physics program
for students who are interesting in learning advanced Physics within a STEM context. This
program is a hybrid program. The students need to meet with their instructor in the classroom to
apply scientific concepts in labs and projects while asking any questions during their learning.
Meanwhile, the students finish the online learning activities through blackboard, like the online
discussion, video watching, daily work, quizzes, and examination.

Setting of the Program: Educational

Level of the Program: High School

Size and Location of the Program: Rural West Texas town of Abilene with enrollment of
200 students.

Type of the Program: Hybrid course

My Position: Lead Teacher of team of three Physics teachers

The program is developed for the students who are interested in learning
Physics in order to earn the STEM endorsement according to TEA high school
graduation requirements.

It is an accredited program by Wylie High School, part of Abilene Wylie

Independent School District.

Regulatory Subsystem

Needs Assessment As Wylie High School begins its transition to a 1:1 initiative,
educators have a need to be trained in support and integration of theses devices into their
Financial Needs Will be taken care of by the superintendent and business manager
based on my recommendations for maintaining course.
Standards Course will be developed based on state graduation requirements set forth by
Texas Education Agency.
1. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements for Physics
2. Texas State Board for Educator Certification Technology Application Standards
3. Texas College and Career Readiness Standards
Program Review and Assessment The program will be reviewed annually through a
variety of methods.
1. Surveys all student and teacher participants
2. School Board analysis of grades, test scores, pass rate, and pre and post test
assessments taken by students.


IT director
Department chair interview, walk through and formal observation
Principal walk through and formal observation
Curriculum coordinator interview, walk through and formal observation

Course Subsystem

All the courses are a hybrid approach with learning activities online and face-to-face. The
online learning activities are happening on CourseSites (a free version of Blackboard).
All media will be produced by the Physics team of three teachers.
The CourseSites will be maintained by the Director of Technology. Technology support
for the online learning activities are available to all instructors in this program 24 hours a
Training and Pedagogical Consultation will follow SBEC Training Standards. Any
instructors teaching in this program will receive technological and pedagogical training
per academic year. If new technologies are added, further training will be offered.

Student subsystem

Students who enrolled in this program have adequate access to the range of services
appropriate to support the programs, including technical support, academic advising, and
delivery of course materials via online help, padlet, and email.
Students who enrolled in this program have access to and can effectively use appropriate
online resources such as any applications resources and library resources.
Students can access the detailed contact information easily and get responses to requests
for information or assistance accurately and in a timely manner.

Logistical Subsystem

The Science Department of Abilene Wylie High School has the responsibility to develop
and maintain the Distance Education Management System.
The IT Director has the responsibility to assist faculty and learners in solving technical
problems. Faculty is not responsible for helping students solve technical problems.
The Science Department is responsible for supporting staff and the faculty who teach the
hybrid courses in acquiring necessary equipment and skills through professional
development and funding to develop and maintain the courses.

Accessibility for the Disabled

Disabled students who may require special arrangements in order to meet course
requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make any necessary
Disabled students should inform instructors and present appropriate verification to
instructors before enrollment via fax, mail, or email.
The Physics Department has the responsibility to provide adequate disability resources
and assistance for disabled students.