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Philosophy of Education

I know that my philosophy of teaching and learning will continue to evolve as I grow as
an educator. Just like students, teachers go to school every day to learn. We learn from each
success, each mistake, every colleague, and every student we encounter. My goal as an
educator is to ensure that all students feel safe in my classroom, to provide differentiated
instruction, and support positive behavior. I will strive to remain open-minded and
continuously reflect on my experiences in order to become a more effective teacher each year.
I believe that the classroom should be a safe place for all children. A safe environment
will allow my students to take both academic and social risks, thus promoting success. The
classroom should be a place where students know they can demand respect if they respect
others in return. Students must feel that they are valued and important. As a teacher I will
strive to make genuine connections with students, guide them to build relationships with one
another, and celebrate each students individuality.
I recognize that I will teach many different students throughout my career. Classrooms
are becoming increasingly diverse. Therefore, teachers must accommodate all types of
learners. I will differentiate instruction by establishing a flexible learning environment.
Students will be given opportunities to work in pairs, groups, individually, and as a whole class.
They will learn from listening, watching, reading, discussing, and moving using various
technologies and accommodations. I believe that in order to deliver appropriate instruction
teachers must also monitor the progress of their students and frequently collect data on their
learning. Students will be given pre-assessments to determine prior knowledge as well as both
formal and informal assessments in all core areas. I will interpret the data collected and use it
to plan instruction in order to deliver the most appropriate individualized instruction. Students
progress will be constantly monitored to ensure learning and growth.
Supporting positive behavior is necessary to enhance student motivation and eagerness
to learn. I believe it is the responsibility of the teacher to assist in the development of a
classroom social contract and rules. Teachers must determine what motivates each student to
learn and complete tasks. Helping students monitor their own behavior and contacting parents
are also necessary components to supporting positive behavior.
It will be an expectation in my classroom that all students be treated as individuals who
are highly capable of learning. Students will be encouraged to learn using methods that match
their learning styles. This will ensure that all learners are motivated to achieve success and
become active participants in the community.