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A Cast of Drinks
Jersey Boy Jumble This coffee inspired drink
includes expresso, French vanilla crme, coffee
infused whipped cream &shaved chocolate on
top 8.00
Annies Amazing Lemonade
A refreshing way to end the night. Fresh
squeezed lemon juice in a chilled, sugar
rimmed glass 6.00
42nd Street Milkshake
A think, malted milkshake topped with a layer
of whipped cream. Comes in flavors of: Chocolate, Butterscotch, vanilla, and Oreo
Cane Sugar Pops
Cola, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, Vanilla Cream,
Black Cherry , Grape & Orange
4.00 Free Refills
Specialty Coffees
White Chocolate Mocha 3.50
Caf Mocha


Decaf/Regular Coffee




Remember to bring
your ticket after seeing
a Broadway show to
receive 20% off your


Main Desserts

Sugar Babies
Try our freshly candied fruit to start off the night of great
sweets. $4.50

Stage Specialties

The Phantoms Favorite

South Pacific Fruit Plate

The Opera will never be the same after having the

A fresh plate of a variety of exotic fruits with salted

moist black and white cake slice with a chocolate

caramel, dark chocolate, marshmallow crme dips.

ganache on top along with a white chocolate mask


A Cupcake Line
Inspired by the well-known show Chorus Line, enjoy 3 mini
cupcakes freshly baked in our kitchen: Chocolate, Vanilla
Bean , Strawberry, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Tres Leches
Wicked Chocolates
6 chocolate candies each with their own different flavor
inside: cherry, blueberry, chile, mint and butterscotch 6.00

Oh! Cookies!
Named after Oh! Calcutta! Your choice of 4 moist, out
of the oven cookie that will have you wanting more.
Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Macadamia Nut &
Double Chocolate 8.50

Beauty & Baked Alaska

A beauty to the eye and mouth with Walnut Cake,

Broadway Brownies

Apricot Jam, Banana Gelato, Meringue 12.00

Fresh, warm brownies filled with chocolate chips and

fudge served with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge
Mary Poppers
Mary Poppins favorite
doughnut hole which come in chocolate glazed, glazed,
vanilla, blueberry and cinnamon 6.00

Cats Cake
Enjoy 2 slices of out of the oven carrot cake with a
cream cheese filling and frosting on the outside topped
with chopped nuts 9.50
Les Crme Brle

The Flan King The lions favorite dessert: a sweet egg

custard with caramel topping 11.00

A dessert that will not make you feel miserable with a

rich, traditional French custard with caramelized
sugar top and fresh berries 8.00
Chicago Cheesecake
Our take on New York style cheesecake. A rich red


velvet cheesecake slice topped with whipped cream

Fritters on the Roof
The fiddler would certainty enjoy 2 freshly made apple
fritters with a apple cider reduction and
cinnamon topping 8.00

and white chocolate 10.00

Anniess Apple Pie
A pie that will turn your taste buds upside down.
Freshly made dough and ripe apples baked to a golden
brown topped with cinnamon 8.00
The Sound of Macaroons
These will surly make you sing. Using a recipe straight
from France you will receive 6 large macaroons each
filled with unique flavors of: Strawberry&Crme,
Chocolate Mint, Chocolate, Raspberry, Orange &
Coffee 12.00

>House Made Ice Cream

(ask about flavor of the day) 3.00
>Bites Sized Pound Cake Topped with Fresh
Fruit 4.00
>Freshly Chocolate Dipped Cherries 4.50
> 4 Mini Muffins: Blueberry, Brown Sugar,
Chocolate Chip 4.00
> Coffeecake Bars Freshly baked topped with
brown sugar 5.00