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Mission Integration Social Justice Questionnaire

Questions for Evaluating Your Schools Commitment to Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Justice Themes

Read about each Social Justice Theme on the USCCBs Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching. Reflect on
each theme and its application in the life of your school. Use the questions to guide your evaluation.
Level 1
Does not

- Is the Churchs social doctrine taught in Religion classes at your
- Is the Churchs social teaching embedded in your schools
service-learning program?
- Does your school take the lead in informing stakeholders about
social justice issues in which they can make a difference?
The Right to Life and the Dignity of the Human Person
- Does your school engage in prayer and service projects in
support of a culture of life?
- Does your schools conflict prevention and resolution plan
respect the dignity of each person?
- Does your school pray for an end to war and violence at
school Masses?
Call to Family, Community, and Participation
- Does your school encourage active participation by parents in
school events and certain kinds of decision-making?
- Does your school actively seek to build community among its
stakeholders through events and programming?
- Does your school support families and offer counseling to those
in need?
- Does your school make it easier for families to have multiple
- Does your school respect family time in regards to planning
student events and staff responsibilities?
Rights and Responsibilities
- Does your school comply with Gospel values and federal
laws concerning access to educational resources and
technology for students with special needs?
Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
- Does your school offer tuition assistance to poor families?
- Does your school engage and prayer and service projects on
behalf of the poor and vulnerable?

Level 2
Level 3
Somewhat Meets

Level 4

Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

- Does your school offer a just wage and health care to all staff?
- Does your school reach out to other Catholic schools in the
diocese, in the nation, in the world to form bonds of
friendship and mutual support?
- Does your school welcome immigrant families?
Caring for God's Creation
- Does your school support good stewardship by recycling and
repurposing school property, textbooks, computers, etc.?

General Questions for Catholic School Leaders:

- Do you have a solid understanding of Catholic social teaching?
- Are you able to apply your understanding of those teachings to the current situation of your community, the
nation, the world?
- Are you a witness to the Churchs social justice beliefs by putting them into practice in your personal and
professional life? For example,
- Do you vote?
- Do you study political issues that have moral/ethical/social justice implications?
- Do you support pro-life initiatives?
- Do you live out the Sacrament of Matrimony (if applicable) in harmony with the Churchs teachings?
- Do you actively support charities that help the poor?
- Do you support your parish church?
- Do you ensure that your school reflects the Churchs social teachings?