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0 Malcolm Araold Five Bagatelles for Guitar WILLIAM WALTON Edited by Julian Bream Five Bagatelles were written for Julian Bream and dedicated to Malcolm Arnold ‘with admiration and affection for his soth birthday’ ‘They were given their first performance by Julian Bream on 27 May 1972 at Bath and have been recorded by him ‘on RCA SB 6876. Duration 124 minutes. Oxford University Press FIVE BAGATELLES Edited by Julian Bream WILLIAM WALTON z = CVI AL cv G©oxtora University Pres 1974 Printed in Great Britain OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, MUSIC DEPARTMENT, WALTON STREET, OXFORD O42 6DP. Photocopying this copyright matctial is ILLEGAL cix—— 4 z wa, bs #2 cy v3 v1 tds io. rh) qs AB ig ci bad nd an a erese. cv eel gs F ede: ee ee