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Task for Reading Week

Task 1
This task is designed to make you think about how theory might affect your practice as teachers
Think back to a class you have taught. Write a brief description of the things that you did as a teacher and of
the tasks that you asked the students to perform.
Explain why you asked the students to perform the activities
Look now at your explanations do you think you are taking a behaviourist or cognitive (or something else)
(This isnt a test. Its just asking you to reflect on what you do)
Task 2
This task is to start you thinking of socio-cultural theories
Read the journal article:
McConachy, T (2008) Raising sociocultural awareness through contextual analysis: some tools for teachers,
ELT Journal Vol 63/2 pp116-125
The author is making the point that when teachers use dialogues in classrooms, they often ignore the
sociocultural perspective of the dialogue. This means that the students learn the language structures
separated from a fuller understanding of how the structures work.
He gives two examples of dialogues from ESOL text books. Use the SPEAKING framework that he
describes to try to develop a context in which these dialogues might have taken place.