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The size of government has expanded its authority further than it can successfully

operate. Between healthcare, foreign threats, and protecting American citizens, the government
tries to prominently assert itself in order to intimidate instead of actually solving the problem for
the best outcome for all. In order to fund all of its efforts, the government taxes the people. When
it deems that the taxes arent enough, the government borrows money with little concern about
the debt left for later generations. Furthermore, the tax money no longer goes toward resolving
conflict but instead toward imposing control upon its own citizens.
In Ferguson, Missouri, the forces deployed to control the looting and raids look more like
marines headed to Afghanistan rather than police officers ensuring peace. On September 4th,
Attorney General Eric Holder released a statement on CNN revealing that the Ferguson Police
are under investigation for excessive use of force, unlawful searches and arrests, and the
mistreatment of detainees in jails. A loss of confidence in the police station means a loss of
confidence in the governments ability to control its own agency actions. How can the people
depend on the government to maintain their safety when that government is using its resources of
protection against its own people? The behavior of the Ferguson police reveals a larger issue at
hand. The police force did not use these brutal means because it was necessary but rather
because it could. This approach to the crisis seems more totalitarian than democratic. Americans
should question whether the authority given to the government to protect us has been abused so
much so that now their protection acts against us instead of for us.
The trust of the citizens has already been tested in the past few years. In the article A
New Kind of Terrorist Threat, Peggy Noonan explains that the American government entered
Iraq on the premise that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but the majority of Americans
believe our involvement was a mistake. Recent reports from CNN have found that there were no

such weapons, and the Bush administration probably would not have entered Iraq if it were not
for the belief of the existence of these weapons. Now, as the new ISIS group threatens U.S.
citizens safety, the government proves more hesitant to take action even with multiple legitimate
threats and now the public beheading of an American journalist. The hesitancy stems from the
governments fear of losing the peoples support in future elections if its actions make a muck of
the situation as they did in Iraq. The U.S. government originally stretched itself too far in foreign
affairs, so now the American people are favoring isolationism just as we had before World War
II. Even though the government faces these criticisms, its primary duty is to ensure national
security, especially when a rogue terrorist group threatens the safety of the American citizens.
Unlike the American military, American corporations favor foreign countries over
American soil. The article Warren Buffetts Tax Whopper reveals that the reasoning behind
Burger Kings decision to move its headquarters to Canada instead of the United States stems
from the excessively high corporate tax rate in the United States. Government leaders have been
criticizing Burger King for its move, but any intelligent person would have made the same
decision considering that the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world of 40%. Are the
high taxes really helping the government better the nation? Or are they just handicapping the
companies that are producing jobs and that are stimulating the economy? Furthermore, according
to Fox news, the new Cadillac tax, implemented to pay for ObamaCare, will be a strain on
companies. In order to pay for the tax, the employers are shifting the costs to employees through
higher deductibles and increased premiums. The tax, however, may be the lesser of two evils as
the alternative was to give the government the power to force all Americans to buy ObamaCare.
This power in the hand of the government not only violates citizens natural rights but also could
have expanded the governments power to dictate other personal areas of our lives. The taxes

will still punish the workers who were supposed to benefit from the healthcare plan initially. The
power to instill such a program upon the people brings into question the amount of authority the
government is given. Another important question is whether or not the tax and program,
together, will provide for the public good.
Through several situations, the governments authority has been expanded too much for
the government to successfully function. The government has focused more on impressing power
rather than on finding the best solutions for all parties. The government and the people would be
more cohesive if the government could concentrate more on the peoples liberty and needs
instead of abusing authority. In return, the citizens should be actively participating in the
elections and debates of the government so as to be aware of the situations and in control of the
actions of the government.