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Elizabeth is afraid of falling in love again- 'I have a history of making decisions very quickly

about men. I have always fallen in love fast and without measuring risks. I have a tendency not
only to see the best in everyone, but to assume that everyone is emotionally capable of
reaching his highest potential. I have fallen in love more times than I care to count with the
highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself, and I have hung on to the
relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own
greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism.”
This quote succinctly summaries the story her past relationships, showing how she
inadvertently set herself up for such heartbreak by falling in love with the potential of a man
and a relationship with him, instead of looking at what she has in her state. The optimistic
thought of hers and the excitement to show him this whole other side of life with so much love
and caretaking to the whole other level of love are outlooks that she thought are to be blamed.
Elizabeth thought of that one-year vacation where she has to find her three part of her nature
amid three different culture has to associate with her taking a break from dating for it is one of
her baby steps to recover from any love addiction she has.
At the age of 8 years of Elizabeth’s marriage and her husband's well-established Lis, possessed
houses, cars and a good career, but they were apparently couldn’t make Liz happy. Liz husband
hoped and looking forward to making a child. Liz felt intimidated and very uncomfortable with
such conditions. As a career woman as well as a wife in the household, the character of Liz is
very different than other women who are usually passive and always dependent on the
husband. Liz in the film is inversely proportional enough, he's very active, independent and not
rely on others even her own husband.
Liz became the dominant character in this movie. As a woman who is very active, independent,
has a successful career as a writer, have a nice home and a husband who was not a guarantee
to make Liz satisfied and happy. Liz felt guilty to her husband, Stephen. Liz was not able to be a
wife as desired by him. One of them is to give offspring. Her guilt which then made him decide
to get a divorce with her husband. There are several reasons that make Liz desperate remedy to
end her marriage. First, Liz did not want to disappoint her by giving false hopes to give children
and descendants of her husband as the real Liz did not want to be a mother, and even Liz was
not ready for it. Liz was pressured in her marriage so she ended her relationship with her
Women are not brave and even too scared to take risks. But in this film
The character Liz gives a different picture. Liz proved that he has the right to express their
freedom in the search for her identity to get out of her role as the wife who should be
responsible for taking care of her husband and also to give children. Women have the right to
do what they want in a woman's life should not be surrendered to a condition in which men
have always felt superior to women because women are also entitled to get out of male
domination. Second, from chaotic conditions and collapsed because the guilty of divorce in
marriage is too intimidating him Liz finally able to experience a positive change. Her journey

around the world in three places able to bring her to a change of the destruction it is by grace
and a transformation process to be ready in all respects. In India Liz learned to make peace with
herself that she finally was able to find peace within herself and find God within herself. Her
friends who she met in everyplace she visited also provide motivation and a very significant
change for Liz to rise from adversity and to appreciate the people she loved. Liz traveling
around the world giving her confidence back again and more biased to maintain a balance
between the pleasures of life with spiritual thing she got from an old man named Ketut Liyer
medicine man dubbed by Liz. Confidence which then leads Liz finds himself the true and
eventually make him met a Brazilian man named Felipe, who became her friend. Liz opened her
heart to Felipe and both of them love each other.