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Ramirez 1

Connor Ramirez
Professor Pierce
COMM 1270
8 December 2014
COMM 1270 Final
1. Issues:
a. Baby V, is set up for adoption, and Ed is unaware that his parental rights are
about to be relinquished.
b. Hatu requires no evidence claiming that Ed had received termination of his
rights, Meaning upon termination of his rightswhich he had no clue ofhe still
has to abide by the law.
c. The Adopting party is at their core values, are better parents than Ed could be.
Ed is known for his partying and unstable traveling habits.
d. Ed feels that he still should have the right to parent his child, even though the law
states he has given those rights up.
e. Who decides who gets Baby V?

Who is the recipient of Baby V?

2. Opinion:
a. I believe that Ben and Wanda are the correct choice for raising little V. Not only
did they do the right thing and abide by each and every law to the letter, but it
has also been almost a full year with their time with baby V. The child is starting
to know them as its guardians; taking away them could prove to be disastrous.
They have already had experience raising kids of their ownwhich are model
citizensso we can rest assured life here would be more beneficial in the childs
later years.

Ramirez 2

3. Decision Maker:
a. The State of Hatu, has outlined strict guidelines regarding adoption and parental
rights. They enforced those guidelines to the letter. This would be the primary
decision maker, on the legal side. An important note, I believe Hatu should
revise there laws regarding evidence on Parental side of the termination notice.
b. Wanda and Ben, the new parents of Baby V. They have full custody of the child
and have been raising it for almost 9 months. Not only do they have the Legal
authority, but they have the Emotional and ethical authority as well. Having the
baby in their lives for such a time gives them more power than the Father ever
could have.
c. Considering that Both Bella and Ed no longer have/given up custody of Baby V,
they cannot make decisions or arguments on the basis of their Parental Rights. I
would not consider them a decision maker in the slightest.
4. Argument:
If this were a perfect world, Ed and Bella wouldve never broken it off. They couldve lived
life with their newborn and been happy. Its unfortunate that the events had to come to the level
they are now. In hindsight things couldve gone smoother. Its easy to see were Ed is coming
from; being blindsided by the sudden news of a daughter that he will never be able to associate
It isnt a perfect world, and the proper steps were taken and made very clear to Ed, but he
never saw them. We make laws to govern our actions and create a fair and level ground for all
people. He is no longer fit to father the child, underneath these clearly laid out laws; as
unfortunate as it is, I dont believe he should be able to father the baby. The best route to get

Ramirez 3
away from this awful situation lies with Wanda and Ben, great parents with proven time,
wisdom, and experience.
In the interest of the child, it would be a detriment to go with her original father Ed. That
isnt to say he is not a good person, but his habits and work require time and effort that he cant
spare for his child, the repercussions of this could be catastrophic as the child develops.
Whereas Wanda and Benexperienced and caringare ready for another little one, seeing as
their kids have already moved on to prosperous lives outside of their care. There are so many
different benefits to this choice that are just waiting to be taken advantage of, I believe that
these choices should be a part in determining who she goes with. As a Father(not speaking
from experience) Iwith a heavy heartwould see and understand the opportunity that the
child could have, especially regarding the tense and emotional situation she has been put in.
This could(in my opinion) be the best and most beneficial choice; only time could tell.