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iw Hooverlaw Tuc First off, Happy New Year, and thanks for staying up to date on the latest HooverLaw news. I'm happy to say thet with the new year, we would also Ike to introduce our new name, We are now offical HeoverLaw, LLC. ‘Asie trom our new name and location, we also have some other 401 N. Washington St. ‘rcting tings fr sore 20 Keep en eye out for any announcements Suite 900 tnd contrvs toread cur enesieters “ oct, Mb 20050 Sorabaei? Sincerely, uorhosreish com Pathek Hoover HooverLaw LLC -—uone The ABCs of IEPS 6B ant: Te Seceing . Theegiving tauay tings aNeuverane sad waters CD Ob) also brings @ new semester with the possiblity ofa slew of new IEP problems. Over the nest few months, in our a-nawelater, wa wil feature a Series of articles on the ABCs of IEPS. In this month's issue, the topic of ciscussion isthe start of te IEP process: the Screening IEP. All kids receiving special education services require an evaluation Attomey Spotlight land a careful review of that evaluation by the school. Lite is more z important than the chit’ evaluation ho does it and what t save about your hi. “The Incvicluals wth Disability Act was mad in order to provide ‘students with qualifying dsabiltes ttencing public schools inthe United States witha free and appropriate public education regardless of expenses. Kids who quali to receive SPED services under the IDEA are each afforded their onn individualized ‘education plan (1EP) furnished through the senoels special education services department and implemented by special ‘education teachers, therapists, counsaiors, school payenelogsts, pathologists and many more in adliion to general education ‘teachers. The bottom kine is quite simply that without the protection Congratatons to Cite IDEA course cicren this county woud nate prowded — Comraatons fo a maningh or eflectve education ets Kenney Ngarur Baly Rocor's 2010 Read te fl erie nine here Daly Reco 20 . Missa nas worked withthe Interested in Cyberlaw? firm since 2006, and wos admitad to the Maryland Bar in June of last year. With _ Join us on Jan, 27% at 6:30 pm. at Ener ietongomen Coty Sor Bung Sree ia Inrockeors ssc GLE on betas on ater Hetsse Sccnineboding shes andthelew 080) Takng waves and | today. Guest speakers include [BM 9 | Ritheytiaween Denotes Fe We sputtssee nan ee errNieime amelie — Nocrpectto se even Rothman, ‘3 months, Goto our website for the full amouncemant E-mail Contact Patick Hoover, Esq, About Our Law Firm phooverthooveray com Hreissa Noor Esa oor, LC proves gal opraseraion crs into schoa. be moganufineavetatcom tonsa somone) Cen nabs cout and snares Sera Gates proceaans nang kn yah ada regu arse stccensesteteion tn datuncy sconepisontapensan, auton @a0ves Sug areso esa ami ogra on penn comes woe, -DUBPESARTER ‘bof, and mary oer maxes cell chron teens, you and tha fais Forward email Email Marketing by Easefetnsubseribe® ‘This emall was sent to by ant] Contact’ Undate Profile/Emall Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy. TRY IT FREE HooverLaw LLC | 401 N. Washington Street | Sulte 900 | Rockville | MO | 20850

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