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Linnea Meyer

1844 10th St N APT 315
Fargo, ND 58105
December 11, 2014
Dear Assessment Committee:
This portfolio contains a collection of the work that I completed for English 459. The course
was broken up into three separate units. The first unit consisted of a group proposal for a
business called Mary’s Books. The assignment consisted of an executive summary and a
proposal dedicated to Mary’s business needs. In unit two we had a search assignment in
memo format, a letter of intent in memo format explaining what our final project would
consist of, we also had to conduct an interview and then produce a memo format and the
last assignment for unit two could have been a variety of things where you could work
alone or with a group. I chose to work in a group to create a handbook for local community
locations to find pregnancy assistance. Lastly, unit three is a portfolio of all of these
collected works compiled into an e-portfolio.
The collection of work in my portfolio may not be made up of vast categories, but the
audience varies and even the memo format differs. The unit one proposal was addressed
specifically to Mary and her business needs. The search memo audience was Jessica
Jorrenson and we had to find different grants and from our findings we could apply for one
of the grants we found. The letter of intent was also directed towards Jessica and in memo
format, but with in the memo we discussed our final project through a project summary,
objectives, methods, a timeline, and evaluation. The last memo included an interview that
we had to conduct with a local grant writer. And the last project in unit two was a
handbook that included local organizations dedicated to helping those dealing with
pregnancy, adoption, ect.
For unit one we had to research Mary’s books and Oak Park in order to get a better
understanding of the current situation of Mary’s business and how to help determine her
situation with a competitor. I haven’t had much experience with large group projects, but
being able to tackle unit one with a group made everything move very smoothly. This class
challenged me to write more professionally because a proposal is very different than most
of the other writing projects that I’ve needed to complete for other classes. I believe that
knowing how to write on a more professional level in a memo will be very useful to me in
any career that I enter into.
For our final project we decided that we created an easy to use handbook of local
community organizations that gave the right amount of detail about pregnancy assistants
programs and differing education. It was easier to compile than I thought. Because you
don’t want to bog the reader down with too much information, but it might be what makes
our project week. There are lots of varying organizations within the handbook. Again this

could be a weakness because it is too general. However, I think that this is the best possible
outcome for the handbook because not every situation is the same and every person’s
needs are different.
In conclusion, this portfolio encompasses a semesters worth of projects all in one
convenient location. Even with a more narrowed course work there is still the ability to
break out of that bind with differing format designs. With the memos especially, I tried to
change the design because they were meant for different things, even if the audience was
the same. It is because of this that I did not change the design to match. I enjoyed putting
everything into an e-portfolio for you and I hope you enjoy it.