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Lesson plan on Color

Lesson  1  
Color  wheels  
Heidi  O’Hara  
Grade  Level  9th-­‐12th    
Lesson  duration:  1-­‐2  days  
Lesson:  Color  
1.  Objective:  To  be  able  to  tell  what  color  scheme  you  are  using  and  be  able  to  name  
the  different  color  scheme,  and  use  them  successfully.    
2.  Materials:    
• White  paper  
• Assorted  painting  materials  
                                 -­‐Water  color  
                                 -­‐  Acrylic  paint  
                                 -­‐Tempera  paint  
                                 -­‐Colored  paper  
                                 -­‐Colored  pencils  
• Whatever  else  needed  (Glue,  scissors,  ect.)  
3.  Introduction:  Creating  the  different  color  scheme  presented  in  the  notes/quiz.  
Creating  all  5  five  color  schemes  in  any  way  they  want  to  using  whatever  materials  
they  want.  Must  have  at  lease  four  different  methods  of  creation.  
4.  Closing  Activity:  Students  may  present  if  they  want  to  show  the  different  
technique  that  they  used  to  create  the  different  color  schemes  

Lesson 2
Hue representation project
Heidi O’Hara
Grade level: high school 9th-12th
Lesson duration: 1-3 days
Lesson: hue
1. Objective: For the students to understand how to create the different hues for one
2. Materials:
• Hue color sheet
• One color of choice (plus black and white) paint
• Paintbrush
• Water cup
3. Introduction and Motivation: Would introduce what hue is, explaining that hue is
a color and all colors have many different hues. Also that you can make different hues
by adding white of black or even both colors to get more hues of a color. Motivation
will be once finishing the worksheet they get to start on their larger project. Also that
they get to choose what ever they want to draw/ design.
4. Masterwork: Showing them the bigger example of what their finished piece is
going to look like.
5. Development and Learning Activity Process:
1. Introduction
2. Explaining in detail what hue is and how to create it
3.Explain project: filling in all the squares with different hues. Just being able
to understand how to get different hues.
6. Closing activity: Once finished their completion of their color chart, students may
discuss between classmate tricks about how do create and paint the different hues.
Once all that is completed they can start on their larger project (lesson2).

Lesson  3  
Heidi  O’Hara  
Grade  Level:  High  School  9th  -­‐12th    
Lesson  duration:  1-­‐2  weeks  
Lesson:  Hue  
1. Objective:  
1. By  the  end  of  this  lesson  all  students  will  understand  what  hue  is  and  how  
to  portray  it  in  a  piece  of  work.  
2. At  the  end  of  this  lesson  students  will  also  be  able  to  know  the  difference  
between  shade  and  tint.  
2. Materials:  
• 7X7  Black  sheet  of  card  stock  
• Paint  brush  
• Water  cup  
• Acrylic  Paint  (Black,  white,  and  a  colors  of  your  choice)  
3.  Introduction  and  Motivation:  
 In  the  introduction  ask  the  students  if  they  know  what  hue  is.  Then  showing  
them  a  color  wheel  of  hue  and  the  different  tints  and  shade.  For  the  motivation  I  
will  then  show  a  finished  piece  compared  to  an  actual  real  life  photograph.    
4.  Masterwork:  I  will  use  the  masterwork  for  the  students  to  be  able  to  get  a  
sense  of  what  they  are  supposed  to  be  doing.  Also  by  showing  them  these  
masterworks  it  will  help  them  get  an  understanding  of  how  they  are  supposed  to  
use  the  different  hues  of  the  color.  
5.  Development  and  Learning  Activity  Process:    
3. Introduction  
4. Describing  hue:  A  color  or  shade  of  a  specific  color,  one  of  the  mail  
properties  of  a  color,  and  a  particular  gradation  of  color;  a  shade  or  tint.  
5. Descried  how  to  create  a  hue  of  a  color:  Which  is  mixing  a  color  with  black  
or  white.    
a. The  difference  between  a  shade  and  a  tint  is  that  a  tint  is  a  white  
added  to  a  color,  and  a  shade  is  black  added  to  a  color.  
6. Explaining  the  project:  Students  will  be  painting  on  a  black  7x7  piece  of  
cardstock  using  only  one  color,  and  only  using  black  and  white  to  create  
different  tints  and  shades.  
7. Closing  Activity:  Once  all  the  students  have  completely  finished  there  
projects,  then  all  the  pieces  will  be  hung  up  on  one  section  of  the  
classroom  and  there  will  be  a  critique.