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Taylor Biedermann

Lead Like and ACTion Hero
Justin Jones-Fosu
Professional Development
October 30, 2014
Keynote speaker Justin Jones-Fosu was one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever
scene. He definitely was aware that his audience was college students and he knew exactly how
to engage them. During his presentation he discussed what makes students a successful leader.
The model that Justin uses is called the ACTion HERO model. And what this means is first,
successful student leaders lead by example (ACT). We are already making an impact, so it is
important to know and decide if it is going to be positive or negative. The HERO part of his
model addressees a few key qualities that leaders have including to be humble, to be
empowering, and to be relation. He feels that these components will allow leaders to find
A big part of the discussion was about self evaluating. Acknowledging what you are
doing right as a leader, but also being aware of what you should change. This self evaluating can
be done as and individual and also as a whole group or organization. Looking at a whole group
similar questions can still be asked such as: what are we doing well? how could we improve?
Each year should be better than the previous one because as leaders we should be empowering
those who are taking our place.
One of the biggest take aways I got from this presentation is to lead people, no
organizations. It is so easy to get caught up in the big picture of the entire organization, which at
times is good, but it is critical to remember that people have value and as a leader it is important
to care about the people we lead and serve. Know the people and why they are a part of the

organization. And the last piece of advice the speaker left us with is to be the best, by being

Taylor Biedermann
ARA Conference
Professional Development
November 13-14, 2014
Attending the ARA was a great experience. We had the opportunity to be in a
professional setting with educators from all over the state of Alabama as pre-service teachers for
two days. The passion everyone had for reading was evident throughout each workshop and
event. I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect and observe the importance of reading in education.
The speakers were incredible and quite inspiring.
Listening to the speakers share challenges, opportunities, and ideas was great advice as I
continue to move forward in my career. One of my favorite speakers was Stephanie Harvey. She
shared all about strategic and close reading. I found her workshop extremely engaging and
informative. Along with Harvey another notable individual I was able to hear from was Donalyn
Miller. For class I have been reading The Book Whisperer by Miller this semester. I enjoyed
hearing from her as she spoke about her experiences and opened up for questions from the group
I was with.
As a pre-service teacher I feel that I gained valuable experience entering the education
world by attending this conference. Experiencing professionals share ideas and what they have
learned, and share what they are passionate about was so encouraging to an aspiring teacher. I
was able to hear varied perspectives and experiences of current and past teachers. This is a
learning experience I will not forget. I will take what I have learned from this conference with
me from this point forward.

Taylor Biedermann
ELL Training
Professional Development
November 24, 2014
Dr. Lari Valtierra came and shared experiences with us and provided English Language
Learner training. Dr. Valtierra works for the Jefferson County School District as an ESL
supervisor. We earned a certificate for attending and furthered our professional development. I
felt that the most valuable part of the training was how interactive it was. Dr. Valtierra was
engaging and kept her audience actively involved the entire time. Not only did Dr. Valtierra
explain and provide resources to teach differentiated strategies, but she continually modeled
them throughout her entire presentation.
One of the things I took away from this training was Dr. Valtierra’s “Big Three,” which
were know the student, know the content, know what works. Not only is this applicable to
English Language Learners, but also every other student I will encounter. Along with this we
learned about the SIOP model for sheltered instruction, the WIDA standards, and the English
Language proficiency levels. Through all of those topics I learned more about differentiating
instruction for English Language Learners.
Considering almost all of this information was new to me I feel as if I made significant
gains in my knowledge in the category of English Language Learners. I already feel more
prepared for my career as a teacher. Methods and standards we discussed are things I can already
begin implementing into my lesson plans and into my current clinical placements. Dr. Valtierra
put on an extremely beneficial professional development opportunity and I am thankful for the
OBB school of education for putting it on

Taylor Biedermann
PLP Reflections
Professional Development
Fall 2014
PLP Meeting Reflection #1
During the first PLP meeting I took the Myers Briggs Personality Test. Although I have
taken this test multiple times I enjoyed taking it again and analyzing the results in a different
way. My results came out to be ISTJ. Throughout the meeting we discussed how it is important
to understand personality type when working with others, in this case parents especially. Not
only is it critical that we understand our own personalities and how we react and handle things,
but also to be aware and sensitive to how others perspectives may be different. I found this
meeting extremely effective and informative. I was able to learn a lot about myself and others.
The test provided a lot of information about day to day functioning as well as strengths and
weaknesses. I will definitely take what I learned in this meeting and use it when planning and
approaching parent teacher conferences.
PLP Meeting Reflection #2
When arriving at the second PLP session, our family studies leader provided us with a
packet full of an abundance of resources in relation to parent teacher conferences. Our leader
inquired about any questions we had about going into parent teacher conferences and wanted to
equip us with the very best information. The main goal of this session was to learn how to be an
effective communicator while remaining calm, confident, and respectful at all times. This
included thing such as discussing a variety of scenarios and focusing on how to lead and control
conversation as well as how to dress sensitive subjects. Overall, this meeting was very effective

and I enjoyed learning more about parent teacher communication and appropriate ways to
address topics that can initially appear challenging.
PLP Meeting Reflection #3
At the third and final PLP meeting we continued working through the packet together
with our team leader. This session continued to talk about challenging issues to address such as
behavior issues and discipline similar to the previous session. Another topic we touched on was
discussing with parents how to get students back on track if they are falling behind. I am glad we
spent so much time on this topics because this will most likely be the most difficult part of parent
teacher communication. Along with the previous two meetings I found these sessions extremely
informative. It was great experience working with students in another major as well. They will
able to provide a great perspective and research based methods. The resources provided by the
family studies students very beneficial and I will definitely be holding on to them for future
reference. Although I know I still have a lot to learn, after experiencing these meetings I already
feel more prepared for parent teacher conferences.