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Professional Meetings

PTO General Meeting October 28, 2014
Last night I attending the PTO general meeting. The principal, administration, certain
teachers, and parents were all in attendance. There was an average size crowd and we met in the
cafeteria of Trace Crossings Elementary School. One thing I learned that I found interesting is
that if you have a student at Trace Crossings you are automatically a part of the PTO, I was
previously under the assumption that it was a membership type organization. The school
principal opened the meeting and welcomed guests in attendance and from that point forward the
meeting was facilitated by the PTO Board President. The meeting began with presentations of
revisions to the PTO bylaws and a proposed budget. After all of that was covered different
members of the PTO executive board gave updates on things happening at Trace Crossings. The
initial update was about the “Trace is the Place” campaign they have going on. I have seen the
shirts but I didn’t know much about them. The PTO provided these shirts for all the teachers and
staff and is working on providing them for all Trace Crossings students. This week is Red
Ribbon week and the counselor went over the festivities for the week and addressed how in
elementary school the main thing they teach the students is what is harmful vs. what is helpful to
the body. Trace is hosting a fun run on Friday during all of the students PE classes to finish off
the awareness week. This meeting allowed me to see a whole different side of Trace Crossings
that I haven't experienced yet.

Kindergarten Team Meeting
Yesterday I was able to attend the Kindergarten Team meeting with the math coach. It
was very interesting to see how all of the teachers interacted and communicated in a meeting
setting. I am often around the Kindergarten teachers, but it was interesting to see them analyze
and collaborate together as a team. It made me excited to know that one day I will have a teacher
team to collaborate and work with.
The main goal of the meeting was to discuss the math assessment they had all been
working through with their students and thats why the math coach was there to facilitate. They
went over the data they gathered from assessing their students. After that point with the
assistance of the the math coach they went over strategies that could be implemented to improve
instruction. It was so interesting to see data collection used to drive instruction. I have seen that
in my textbooks and heard about it in class so often, but seeing teachers actually put it into
practice was fascinating.
The meeting moved from discussing the assessment to the math coach sharing her
resources. She provided the teachers with an abundance of games they could implement in their
math workshop’s. Many of the resources were themed which would be very appealing to
students. Once again seeing these teachers collaborate about things that do and do not work was
intriguing. All of the resources they were able to go over together and focus on the best strategies
to implement them.