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Parks   1  

Colby  Parks  
Professor  Deborah  Francis  
Humanities  1100  
8  October  2014  
Portfolio  1  Essay:  Freedom,  Justice  and  Responsibility  
What  is  our  role  as  a  citizen  in  the  American  Democracy?  We  have  many  
roles  really.  As  a  citizen  we  have  some  responsibilities  that  require  us  to  put  in  
effort  and  time  from  our  busy  schedule.  One  is  we  need  to  be  informed  on  what  our  
government  is  doing.  We  should  at  least  know  what  it’s  plans  are  and  if  they  are  
being  met  or  not.  Once  in  a  while  we  should  turn  on  the  news  and  listen  to  what  is  
happening  in  our  nation  and  be  informed  on  the  decisions  that  are  being  made.  We  
need  to  be  actively  involved  in  elections  when  they  come  around  every  four  years.  
This  is  what  a  good  citizen  would  be  like.  

As  a  citizen  we  have  the  right  to  Equality  and  Justice.  On  September  15th  we  

talked  about  how  freedom  should  come  to  everyone  regardless  of  race,  gender,  
geography  or  ethnicity.  “Article  15:  (1)  Everyone  has  the  right  to  a  nationality.  (2)  
No  one  shall  be  arbitrarily  deprived  of  his  nationality  nor  denied  the  right  to  change  
his  nationality.”  (United  Nations  General  Assembly,  “Universal  Declaration  of  
Human  Rights”  Allen,  Paul  and  Bauman,  Jennifer,  page  226).  We  all  have  the  right  to  
be  free  in  this  country.  Our  rights  can  also  be  viewed  as  our  responsibilities  like  
freedom  of  speech.  We  have  the  responsibility  to  speak  up  if  the  government  ever  
goes  out  of  line  on  any  situation  that  may  come  up.  As  I  went  through  and  wrote  my  
“defining  of  self”  paper,  my  philosophy  concerning  others  and  their  rights  as  citizens  

Parks   2  
are  as  follows.  I  believe  that  all  mankind  deserves  freedom  from  all  government  
powers  and  that  they  have  the  freedom  to  worship  All  Mighty  God  as  they  please  if  
they  believe  in  him.  “All  men  are  created  equal;  they  are  endowed  by  their  Creator  
with  certain  unalienable  Rights;  among  these  are  Life,  Liberty  and  pursuit  of  
Happiness.”  (Minh,  Ho  Chi,  “Declaration  of  Independence  of  Democratic  Republic  of  
Viet-­‐Nam”  Allen,  Paul  and  Bauman,  Jennifer,  page  229)  They  also  have  the  freedom  
to  make  themselves  heard  and  to  speak  when  they  have  something  they  want  
everyone  to  hear.  I  feel  that  I  should  respect  everyone  and  allow  all  to  say  what  they  
want  and  be  heard.  “Article  6:  Everyone  has  the  right  to  recognition  everywhere  as  a  
person  before  the  law.”  (United  Nations  General  Assembly,  “Universal  Declaration  of  
Human  Rights”  Allen,  Paul  and  Bauman,  Jennifer,  page  226)  As  I  do  this,  I  am  
following  the  law,  respecting  the  citizens  and  doing  my  part  to  make  a  better  

Today  I  feel  we  have  the  same  responsibilities  as  we  always  have  had  with  

some  more  added  on.  We  are  still  responsible  to  watch  the  government  and  never  to  
allow  it  to  control  us  to  a  point  of  enslavement  like  communism.  We  have  the  sole  
responsibility  to  uphold  our  freedom  as  a  free  people  of  this  country.  We  need  to  be  
voting  when  it  comes  around  and  make  sure  we  are  voting  for  the  right  purposes.  
We  have  the  responsibility  to  make  sure  we  defend  our  freedom  if  necessary.  We  
seem  to  have  adopted  the  concept  of  defending  other  nations  as  well.  In  this  
instance  we  need  to  uphold  their  freedom  as  well.    

Our  relationship  concerning  the  world  is  this;  we  go  out  and  help  those  

calling  for  our  help  if  we  see  it  fit  to  do  so.  We  are  the  ones  to  help  other  countries  

Parks   3  
like  Iraq  to  gain  their  freedom  from  dictators  that  cause  harm  on  their  people.  When  
we  find  countries  like  these,  we  have  some  very  hard  challenges  ahead  of  us.  The  
greatest  one  of  all  is  conquering  the  enemy.  Conquering  the  terrorists  in  Iraq  cost  a  
lot  of  lives  from  our  own  troops.  From  the  things  I  have  learned  in  class,  I  feel  that  
we  are  doing  the  right  thing  in  this  situation.  We  helped  innocent  lives  be  saved  
even  though  our  men  and  women  died  to  make  it  so.  I  feel  that  we  do  have  the  moral  
responsibility  to  help  those  values  be  protected  around  the  world.    We  need  all  them  
to  feel  free  like  us.    

As  a  country,  I  feel  that  we  have  enough  resources  to  help  other  countries  

from  time  to  time  but  we  do  not  have  enough  for  the  entire  world.  I  feel  that  the  
resources  that  we  use  on  those  limited  amount  of  countries  really  contributes  to  
their  freedom  and  helps  them  become  free  and  unified.  We  have  to  do  our  best  to  
make  the  decision  on  what  is  right  and  wrong  when  it  comes  to  helping  other  
countries.  We  are  not  the  police  and  therefore  need  to  make  careful  decisions  on  
which  countries  we  help.