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Lesson Plan Analysis

Activity: Freeze Dance
Materials needed: Music, children and space
Activity description:
What is the learning goal of this activity/lesson plan?
The learning goal is to get the children to listen for direction by using one of their five senses.
What behaviors would you observe that would indicate to you that the learning goal is being
met? The children listening and looking in the directions of the music. What will the children do and say
during this activity that would indicate they are learning? The will be dancing in the motion of the tempo
of the song they hear. Therefore when the music stops all of the children will all freeze.

Does this activity/lesson plan follow Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)? Explain your
answer using details from the activity and whether or not it is appropriate for young children. I do think
the freeze dance follow DAP. The children are able to jump, run, listen, and learn. The freeze game is
very age appropriate and it’s connected to what their lesson plans of five senses.
Does this activity/lesson plan demonstrate sensitivity to cultural and linguistic diversity? All
different types of music will be played. However they music isn’t words just tempos and instruments
songs. What are your suggestions for making this activity/lesson plan more sensitive to cultural and
linguistic diversity? Maybe asking children what type of songs do they listen to or what type of
instrument do they like.
Describe some activities that you could do to expand upon this activity/lesson plan. Make sure
to explain how your expansion activities relate to the activity/lesson plan you are analyzing/ In
expanding the lesson plan we can have some children play the instruments while others dance. They
children can also share what’s are favorite instruments. They can draw pictures of themselves dancing
to the beats of music.
How could you adapt this activity/lesson plan to meet the needs of children with developmental
challenges or disabilities? Please remember that all children must have access to the activity. Sometimes
you simply need to adapt the materials or methods in order to make the activity accessible to children
with challenges. Please describe 2-3 possible adaptations you would make to this activity in order to
invite all children to participate.
If the child is in a wheelchair they can be a part of the group. I can have an assistant help move their
arms to the beat. I could also have the children holding the child’s hand moving with the rhythm of the

Reflection: What is your general impression of this lesson? I like the lesson plan
What do you think of the format of this lesson plan? I think the format is very basic which leaves room
to be changed.
Is it use-friendly? Yes
Would you use it? Yes
Would you recommend it to others? Yes