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Here, again, we find that the native is commonly wealthy or at least comfortable, but there
may be a demand for more and an ambitious or avaricious tendency. The feelings are active and
powerful, with decided likes and dislikes, as is shown in the Tiger Clemenceau; and there is
frankness and outspokenness. There is much whole-heartedness in the pursuit of aims and
In a congenial sign there may be a great love of fun and amusement, often with a satirical
tendency. In more repressive signs (such as those ruled by Saturn or in Scorpio) it may give
dissatisfaction and rebelliousness.
The native usually has an active and even a belligerent or disputative life, being either
controversial or the object of controversy; or perhaps he is engaged in financial operations that bear
resemblance to military maneuvers and conflicts. In any case he will prove a redoubtable opponent,
with considerable resource and energy.
A good example of this combination is the natus of Martin Luther, the great Reformer and
disputant, who had Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjoined in Libra, in Sextile to Uranus in Sagittary.
The Sun was with Saturn in Scorpio, reducing the power of the triple conjunction to produce material
comfort, although, even so, the native did abandon monastic life, and married.
It inclines to daring undertakings and feats of prowess and courage.