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Betsy Natter
UNST-121C-001: DESIGN & SOCIETY (Fall 2014)

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Quantitative Research Paper
The relation of PLWH vs TIU country to country has no resounding change,
probably due to the fact that internet country to country is probably very similar. The
main reason I say this is that today internet is so uniform and connected worldwide that
a whole population of people can be socializing from anywhere in the world. PLWH vs
TIU is interesting in the fact that HIV and AIDs population seems to increase with the
increase of internet user population. One possible reason stated in a Oxford University
essay is “... escaping was conscious and deliberate. They clearly linked the use of the
Internet to the need to escape from lives consumed by HIV/AIDS-related
stress”(Reeves). Now this study had a limited source(10 people) and variation(27-47
year old) but it does give us an idea of what factors can influence PLWH vs TIU. What
baffles me is that the general understanding for knowledge is that it should deter HIV
and AIDs.
The result can be misleading because another variable in the mystery is the
information that is extracted for internet users. If internet users weren’t knowledgeable
in the first place how would they know what crucial information to search for. Of
approximately 240 million of African internet users ("Africa Internet Users, Facebook
and Population Statistics.") how many research HIV and AIDs and how many are
actively advocating for increased contraceptive use? A culture against open sexual talk

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might deter even the knowledgeable internet users to spread their findings to decrease
HIV and AIDs.
The last option is that internet use promotes negative actions through dating sites
and others like them where deterrence of HIV and AIDs through internet knowledge is
flipped on its head and, users nurture negative sexual behaviors. With this option the
PLWH vs TIU graph totally makes sense and follows exactly the pattern of negative
In conclusion, we can use the factors stated above to design multimedia service that
spreads HIV and AIDs information(translated) into the ears and brains of Africans that
should have a legitimate marketing campaign and should be available to all electronics
for free.

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