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Task: Do a written reflection summarizing what you've learned in this course and what

you plan to apply in your class as a full-time teacher.
As a student I have many experiences and anecdotes to share and now being part
of an Alliance Teacher Residency Cohort is also an unforgettable experience. The
coaches of the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools are my professors and they have
extensive knowledge to share and teach us in their classes. One class that I felt
intimidated as I began the semester was the Technology Enhanced Learning
Environment. My skills with computer applications and social media networks are very
low because it is not one of my major priorities until now.
The multiple free sites available to transition to a blended learning for Alliance
Schools are tools that I would take throughout my career. I have been exposed to a
variety of programs, formats, and ideas to create lessons that can make my instruction
more live and exciting. I have many creative ideas of how I can implement and apply it
as a full time teacher. I  am  pleased  that  we  had  Mr.  Tiongco  as  our  instructor  because  
he  anticipated  a  pacing  guide  and  was  able  to  build  forward  based  on  previous  
lessons.    For  example,  at  the  beginning  of  class  I  had  to  create  my  own  Weebly  
website,  then  I  learned  to  attach  a  picture  and  the  class  syllabus.    I  learned  how  to  
create  a  quiz  using  Google  forms  and  attach  an  answer  key  with  Flubaroo.    I  was  
exposed  to  different  applications  that  can  give  a  positive  twist  to  my  lesson  as  well  
as  being  available  for  my  students  to  view  at  their  own  time.    Some  of  these  sites  are  
edpuzzle,  educreation,  educanon,  video  scribe,  prezi,  and  making  a  digital  agenda.    
In  this  class  I  also  learned  other  creative  ideas  from  my  classmates  because  we  
shared  our  videos  and  creations.    In  the  second  week  of  October,  I  enjoyed  doing  

two  interactive  images  using  “Thinglink”  because  one  image  was  used  in  my  
classroom  and  the  other  had  to  be  a  personal  image.    I  like  the  fact  that  we  had  an  
opportunity  to  share  a  fun  interactive  image  to  others.    Close  to  the  end  of  
November  I  leaned  how  to  create  a  BlendSpace  page  for  my  lesson  and  students  
benefited  by  having  assess  to  all  the  links  we  used  that  day.    A  blended  learning  
lesson  plan  is  a  method  of  instruction  I  look  forward  to  use  in    my  career.    

As  a  teacher  resident  at  Alliance  Stern  MASS  High  School  I  would  use  a  digital  

agenda  in  my  classes  because  students  can  have  access  to  it  at  anytime.    Even  when  
a  student  is  absent  they  will  be  accountable  for  the  classwork  and  homework  
because  they  are  able  to  see  it  from  home.    I  would  also  implement  a  google  calendar  
in    my  classroom  to  keep  a  schedule  of  important  event,  dates,  and  projects.    I  will  
definitely  create  an  iMovie  trailer  for  each  new  math  unit  because  it  will  be  fun  and  
interesting  for  students  to  get  a  sneak  peak  of  what  we  will  cover  in  the  unit.    
Another  tool  I  see  myself  using  is  the  BlendSpace  website  because  I  can  put  a  lesson  
together  with  different  links  attached  to  it.    I  used  the  lesson  I  created  in  
BlendSpace,  which  was  due  as  a  homework  assignment  for  class,    in  my  Integrated  
Math  1  and  I  liked  the  way  it  turned  out.  

When  I  began  the  semester  I  didn’t  wanted  to  switch  to  an  Apple  computer  

because  I  was  so  comfortable  with  my  windows  computer.    After  a  month  I  began  to  
use  my  apple  computer  and  gained  knowledge  on  how  to  navigate  and  work  with  it.    
It  is  a  big  accomplishment  for  me  because  I  learned  it  very  quickly.    Throughout  this  
semester  I  have  learned  so  many  tools  and  methods  that  I  decided  to  create  a  
journal  of  instructional  strategies  for  each  master  class.    The  instructional  methods  

with  technology  implementation  have  transformed  my  thinking  into  a  blended  
learning  environment.    I  had  many  creative  ideas  bouncing  in  my  brain  every  time  I  
learned  how  to  use  a  new  website.    I  strongly  believe  that  a  college  ready  school  
provides  the  skills  to  the  students  to  shift  from  independent  to  cooperative  learning  
when  needed.    Students  should  have  access  to  prior  and  current  lessons  if  they  are  
absent  and  a  digital  agenda  can  address  this  situation.    When  I  become  a  full-­‐time  
teacher  and  in  the  upcoming  semester,  I  will  experiment  applying  different  tools  and  
conclude  which  one  can  be  used  in  our  math  classes  and  share  those  tools  with  my  

In  the  near  future,  as  an  educator  I  see  myself  being  more  prepared  to  enter  a  

high  school  environment  than  when  I  started  back  in  August.    I  will  be  a  qualified  
secondary  teacher  prepared  with  instructional  strategies  and  classroom  
management  tools  to  help  me  have  control  of  the  class.    I  understand  that  once  
classroom  management  skills  are  well  structured  then  real  instruction  occurs.  
Everyday  I  step  into  the  classroom  I  build  a  teacher-­‐student  connection  in  order  for  
them  to  feel  comfortable  asking  for  help.    Mathematics  is  a  third  language,  besides  
English  and  their  home  language,  they  have  to  learn  and  understand  because  it  is  
not  only  a  high  school  requirement  but  will  follow  them  throughout  university  
courses.    Therefore,  if  they  can  take  the  initiative  to  seek  for  help  and  understand  
were  specifically  they  need  the  help,  it  is  a  major  progress  towards  getting  them  to  
becoming  college  ready.