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Kayta Brown

November 17th, 2014

Social - Week 3 Day 2
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: Four
Activity: Introducing the Grasslands/ Jigsaw
Total Time of Lesson: 60 minutes
Goals/Key questions:

Question: How can I teach the rest of the information about the
Grasslands region while getting the students to do more independent/
group work?

Goal: Introduce the rest of the information on the Grasslands region and
have students teach each other about the section that they found
information about.
Objective (connected to PofS):
General Outcome:

4.1 - Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of
how elements of physical geography, climate, geology and paleontology
are integral to the landscapes and environment of Alberta.
Specific Outcome:

4.1.2 - What are the major geographical and natural vegetation regions,
landforms and bodies of water in Alberta?

4.1.2 - What are the factors that determine climate in the diverse regions
of Alberta (e.g., latitude, mountains)? (LPP)

4.1.2 - What are the significant natural resources in Alberta, and where
are they located (e.g., mineral deposits, coal, natural gas and oil, forests)?
- Social Studies folders
- Question Sheet
- Textbooks
- Group lists on Smartboard
- Timer
- Pencil Crayons
- Maps of Alberta
- Powerpoint presentation from the day before
- Their question sheets
- Pencils

Kayta Brown
November 17th, 2014


What are the teacher/students doing?

10 minutes
Finishing up the last
question from the day

I will bring up the last slide that we had to go over on the Smartboard
presentation. Students will finish their worksheet from the day before. I will ask
them the questions on the slide such as “What do you think that climate is?”
and “What do you think a drought is?” Students will be asked questions
throughout and then will answer the remaining 2 questions as a class and then
in pairs.

20 minutes
Students will read their
pages, then meet with their
groups and answer

Next, I will explain to the students that we will be doing a type of jigsaw today.
I will break students up into three groups - water, natural resources, and
vegetation & animal life. I have all the groups prepared already and will display
them on the Smartboard. Students will read their section (2 pages) of the
textbook and will have 7 minutes to do so or get as much done as they can.

7 minutes to read

Next, I will show them their groups on the smartboard. When I say go, they will
get into their groups and put groups of desks together into groups of 4 (one
group of 5). They will bring their textbooks, pencils, papers, and worksheets
with them. They will answer only their assigned category by finding the
answers in the readings they just did. (Water groups will only answer the water
section questions and leave the other 2 sections blank, etc.) They will have 10
minutes to do so. I will go around and help students when necessary.

10 minutes in groups
3 minutes for finding groups
and moving desks together
20 minutes

I will get the students attention when their time is up. I will show them their
groups for their jigsaw. I will show each group which group of desks I would
like them to sit at. Once in their groups, the students will teach their
classmates about their section. Students will write down the answers that their
classmates teach them.

Work on coloring their maps
5-10 minutes

I will allow students time at the end to move their desks back together, put
their worksheets into their folders, and work on their coloring of their Alberta

Assessment: I will assess whether or not students understand the textbook and their section
by assessing how they answer questions as a group and what they write
on their sheets. They will hand in their sheets at the end.
Modification: We may not get to colouring our Alberta maps again that day. It is up to the
students. If they work hard and get their work done, they will have time
to work on their maps at the end of the day. If not, they will not have time
and it will be homework.
As well, for the reading, I will go through and tell the kids that I know will struggle with the
reading the exact parts I want the to read and I will stress to the whole
class to just get as far as they can.
Extra Activity: Students will work on their maps of Alberta and maps of Canada, and if they
finish both of those, they will read a book quietly.