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1. What did we decide to do?

2. Why did we take this course of action and what types of action were
3. What were your observations?
4. What did we learn from this activity?
5. How could we take this further? What action could we plan now?

Photo of your group?
Inspirational quote re: your issue or action taken?
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Plastic Pirates
Fighting the war against plastic packaging!

Research Method
What we found interesting:Some people thought that the packaged
apples were cleaner and that it was more hygienic to have them wrapped in plastic
when in fact welcome had only packaged them in the shops.

What we found hard: Some people thought we were selling them apples.
Some people were just walking away before we could ask them the question.
Some people didn’t understand the question.

How did we do the research: the type of action we did was
research from 11:20-11:45 outside Wellcome supermarket in Sai Kung. We were
asking people these questions: 1: Would you buy these apples if they did not have
packaging? 2: Do you usually use plastic bags or canvas bags? 3: Do you think that
charging 50 cents for a plastic bags is working to reduce the use of plastic bags. We
also tallied how many people had plastic bags v.s recycled. Finally, we also added our
own observations.

How many people used plastic or canvas bags?

We stood outside Wellcome and tallied how many people
were holding plastic or canvas bags. We noticed that there
were the same amount of people who used plastic bags as
recycled/canvas bags. We noticed that there were plastic
bags inside the reuseable bags.

Pie Graph

We noticed that half the people
used plastic bags, and half the
people used canvas bags.

Q1:Do you use plastic or reusable bag?

Yes, because it is kind to the environment.
No, because I use it for my bin/trash can.
Yes/no, because I was thinking of the environment.
No, it’s wasteful.
No, because more environmentally friendly.
Yes, because re-usable are expensive.
No, it saves me from having to buy a plastic bag.
Yes, I use a reusable bag because its better.

Q2: Do you think 50c for plastic bags is working to
reduce the use of plastic bags?
We stood outside Wellcome and asked five people the following question:
“Do you think 50 cents for plastic bags is working to reduce the use of plastic
bags? These are the answers that they made.
1.Yes, because it gets them to save money and it makes them wanting to use a
reusable bag.
2. No, because people need to use plastic bags.
3. Yes, because it is cheaper.
4. No, because there should be more.
5. Yes, because people waste money and it shouldn’t cost much.
I noticed that most people won’t use plastic bags because they know that it is
not good for the environment.

Q3: Would you buy these apples without the plastic

3 people said yes because it’s not good to use a lot of packaging.
1 person said yes because you could just wash it when you get home.
1 person said no because they like the packaging, it’s safe.
1 person said yes because he wants to see the fruit before he buys it.
I noticed that most people don’t like products that have unnecessary

Wellcome Observations!
Sai Kung Supermarket!
-There is a lot of plastic being overused in wellcome.
-We saw lots of products practically being bought for their plastic.
-We noticed that they aren’t using the packaging well. They could fit more food into the plastic container.
-There were just 2 apples wrapped in plastic wrapped in styrofoam on a plastic tray covered in plastic.
-The following products have too much plastic packaging: Sushi, Dried Fruits & Meats, and there is absolutely
no need for some of the plastic that they put around the Pomelo.
-Some of the plastic packaging had multiple items in it such as: Oranges, Apples, Lime, Grapes (etc). The sushi
is in big plastic boxes, but they don’t need to be that big.
-The packaging for the fruits had space for a few more pieces of fruit
-Plastic bags can be reused for anything

Wellcome Evidence!

They could put more oranges in
these plastic net bags.

Too Much Plastic
Packaging! They
have useless
styrofoam on the

Al is observing that there is no
need for this fruit packaging.

More Wellcome Evidence! :)
I think they put too much
packaging just for pears. I think
they should just put a little more
pears inside and they should use
less plastic packaging.
I think that we can put
more apples in the
plastic bag or make
the plastic bag

More Wellcome Evidence!

Apples wrapped in
styrofoam in a
plastic bag… I think
that is a lot of waste
to have apples put in
two kinds of

There is too much packaging for
these pears.

Which packaging is better?

In Action

Wet Market
-They barely used plastic.
- They definitely had a lot less packaging… there were apples oranges and peaches just in boxes that you
can pick out.

There was a lot of styrofoam
The used reusable bowls for a shopping cart and separating fruit
Big pans and crates to store fruit
The price tags were from reused cardboard boxes

- They package some fruits, with individual plastic packaging “For larger quantities”
- They use stylophone to protect smaller individual fruits, and take it off when the customers buy the fruit
- At the bottom of the reusable plastic containers, but at the bottom, they but cardboard to protect the fruits
-They give plastic bags to customers, if they buy the fruits

-The wet market used not much plastic. The wet market put plastic around the the boxes so they kept the fruit

How can we take this further?
What we can do involves doing some things that we already did and more...

- Beach Cleanups
- Sharing our knowledge
- Bring our own bags to stores
- Bring your own cup to starbuck, pacific coffee school etc.