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Design of test system for electric vehicle driving motor based on CAN bus

Design and develop of Multifunctional test-bed for in-wheel-motor

Database Design in Data Acquisition System for Electric Vehicle's Driving Motor Test Bench

Design and construction of a low cost single-phase induction motor test bench

Development of measurement and control system for vehicular power train test bench in HEV

Research on hardware-in-the-loop simulation for hybrid powertrain

Automating measurement bench of DC-DC converter in LabVIEW

A universal workbench for motion control experimentations in LabVIEW environment

Automated efficiency measurement of three phase induction motor using LabVIEW

Simulation of FOC Vector Control of Induction Motor Based on LabVIEW

Simulation Model of Induction Motor Based on LabVIEW

An educational tool for monitoring electrical power components in induction machines

Graphic interface for the operation of an induction motor controlled by a commercial adjustable
speed drive

A virtual instrumentation of electric drive systems for automation and testing

Control of an electric drive system in the LabVIEWprogramming environment

Online performance monitoring and testing of electrical equipment using Virtual Instrumentation

Laboratory set-up for real-time study of electric drives with integrated interfaces for test and

Determination of the torque-speed characteristic of induction motor in electric machinery

Hybrid vehicle motor test platform development and application