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BA 4346-501

Investment Management
Fall 2005

Instructor: Frank W. Anderson

Office Hours: Before and after class

Objective: Provide an understanding of the role of modern financial theory
in the portfolio management of financial assets.

Textbook: Investments by Frank K. Reilly & Edgar A. Norton, 7th Edition

Wall Street Journal, Handouts such as Bond Basics located at

Grading: Class participation 20%

Two Interim Exams 50%
Final Exam 30%
Total 100%

q The exams will consist of multiple-choice questions.
q The exams will be closed book and closed notes.
q You can bring with you a simple (non-programmable) scientific
calculator. Formula sheets will be provided, if needed.
q There will be no makeup exams. If you miss an exam without
notifying me ahead of time, then you will receive a zero on the
exam. If yo u have a legitimate reason to be absent from an exam
and discuss this with me in advance, then I will excuse you from
the exam. All students must take the final exam.
Cheating: The minimum penalty for cheating is an “F” for the course. The
University may impose additional penalties.

End-of-Chapter Problems:

After each lecture, I will recommend some end-of-chapter questions/problems for you to
work on. Although you may not be required to turn them in each week, I urge you to stay
current with homework assignments. However, I will, on occasion, request that
homework assignments be turned in and they will be factored into the class
participation portion of your semester grade. Other projects, daily exams and etc.
will be considered.

Tentative Class Schedule

Date Topics Readings
August 18 Introduction to Investments, Course Overview Chapter 1
August 25 Risk vs. Return, Investme nt Selection Chapters 2-3
Sept. 1 Mutual Funds, Asset Allocation Chapters 4-5
Sept. 8 Securities Markets, Indexes, Review Chapters 6-7
Sept. 15 Exam Chapters 1-7
Sept. 22 Measurement and Management of Risk Chapters 8, 9, 10
Sept. 29 Measurement and Management of Risk Chapters 8, 9, 10
Oct. 6 Valuation Chapter 11
Oct. 13 Analysis of Fixed Income Securities, Review Chapter 12
Oct. 20 Exam Chapters 8-12
Oct. 27 Economic Analysis, Financial Statements Chapters 13-14
Nov. 3 Stock Valuation, Technical Analysis Chapters 15-16
Nov. 10 Derivative Securities Chapters 17-18
Nov. 17 Portfolio Management Applications, Review Chapters, 19, 20, 21
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving Holiday—No Class
Dec. 1 Final Exam Chapters 13-21