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Roberto Ramirez
Professor Altman
English 113A
08 December, 2014
Whats Life Without Any Risk?
Whenever someone goes shopping, they always go with the intentions of finding the best
deals they can find in order to save money. As well as sometimes we try to reduce the use of
other appliances such as water and electricity in order to save money. Everyone especially tries
to save from wasting too much gas when traveling because the price of gas is so high. The reason
gas prices are so high in the US is because we buy all our oil/gas from foreign countries. The
U.S. department of energy has determined that in the last year we have used 6.89 billion barrels
of oil. Each barrel is worth at an estimated 98.11 US dollars this past year (US Department of
Energy). That means that we spend around 675.977 billion dollars on imported oil. That is why
oil is so expensive because we buy our oil from foreign countries but we can reduce the prices of
oil. If we drill oil from the Artic which is in US soil we can have control over gas prices.
Although there is a risk of an oil spill, we need to drill oil because we can reduce gas prices,
create jobs, and give the US more political freedom.
Many do fear the chance of an oil spill much like the one that had occur in the gulf. The fear
has also prevented those who are currently trying to get permission to drill oil there, since they
do not have the proper safety mechanism in placed in order to prevent an oil spill as repeated in
Shell Submits a Plan for New Exploration in Alaskan Artic Oil by Clifford Kraus. Although
this a consequence to drilling for oil it is also a short term effect that may occur. We need to
worry about the long term effects such as reducing gas prices and possibly creating more jobs for

drilling for oil. Although there is not much to worry about a spill occurring in the Artic because
there are guidelines that a company must follow before they can begin drilling for the oil. The
Energy Administration gives guidelines that those trying to drill within the US must follow. The
guidelines state there must be back up plans to help stop any dangers to the environment as well
as the animals living around. So no company can actually start drilling for oil if they do not have
a plan for an explosion or an oil leak. So as long as US companies are going to be the ones
drilling for oil there is not much to worry because there must be safety mechanisms in order to
stop an oil spill from occurring. This means if a US company is attempting to drill oil there will
be little risk which is most likely the case of the situation. So the fear of an oil spill is minimal
since plans will be in place to prevent an oil spill from occurring in the ocean. So once we start
drilling for oil we can start gaining a lot of the benefits from it.
This will be a big boost to the economy and can help bring the economy back up as well as
reduce spending on imported oil from foreign countries. It has been estimated that if Shell is able
to drill for oil they will be able to get 400,000 barrels of oil per day (Krauss). Although this does
not cover all of the oil needed to cover in the US since on average oil consumed per day is 18.89
million barrels , it is a start (US Department of Energy). Since we spend money on imported oil,
the money does not circulate in the US. This is the reason we need to raise the price of gas so
much. If start drilling for oil all the money comes full circle in the US economy. This mean that
if the US is able to produce its own oil all the money coming out to pay for it flows through the
US economy helping to reduce the cost of oil. Since a lot of the tax payers money goes into
paying for the gas; it can now be put to better use such as putting it into the school systems or
reconstruction of roads. This would benefit a lot of school and colleges such as CSUN
(California State University of Northridge) because on the CSUN Newsletter The Sundial, has

mention a lot about protest in the past. So if we are able to reduce the cost of oil prices and save
money we can then take it to better use into giving proper pay to teachers and other public
workers. So if we drill oil we can have better pay to teachers and public workers to keep them
from protesting.
Also not only will this create a better opportunity to pay workers better but the drilling of the
oil will be able to help create new jobs for people. The Department of Labor releases information
on how the economy is doing and how the unemployment rate is. Currently the unemployment
rate in the US is 5.9 percent. Although this does not seem like much but in numbers that means
that 9 million people currently do not have a job. So if we start drilling for oil with one company
that means we will be able to start creating jobs for those who are currently in need of one.
Although creating a few jobs is not much but it does make a difference to those who have very
little and creates a new opportunity for them. As soon as one company takes advantage many
other companies will try to do the same by creating their own oil rigs and creating more jobs and
boosting the economy even more. So drilling for the oil will benefit even more to everyone and
be a big benefit to everyone. So not only does this benefit those who are working in public
education or services this is also a big boost to creating more job opportunities and allows those
with college degrees to receive a better opportunity to getting to use their knowledge and skills
they worked years for to do.
No one truly enjoys war because everyone fears that they might lose a loved one or their
whole family depending on how many family members decide to serve in the US Army.
Although what is a good reason to go to war? To protect our own well being as a country, to help
liberate a dictated country or for oil? In the early 2000s we went to two different wars; One was
against the War on terror and one against Iraq which was for oil. Antonia Juhasz talks about

our invasion towards Iran in 2003 was actually for oil in his article Why the war in Iraq was
fought for Big Oil. In his article he talks about how we went to war just to get oil from another
country. Even General John Abizaid the former Central Command and Military Operations in
Iraq admitted that one of the main reasons they had invaded iraq was because they wanted to get
the oil in the country (Juhasz). This important to know because we are willing to put or family
who serves in the army at risk to go to war to try and get oil; when we can avoid all the
bloodshed by simply drilling for our own oil here in the US. If we are able to produce our own
oil we can avoid going to another war for oil again and not put lives at risk for something so
ridiculous. We can also become more self dependent by producing our own oil and not need to
go to war for another country who we need for their oil. Since we are allies with Saudi Arabia
and they are in danger, we need to go and send troops over to help because of their oil. So we
can avoid being dependent on other countries and be more self dependent if we are able to drill
our own oil.
So drilling for oil has its risk of an oil spill but is worth the risk because it can reduce gas
prices, reduce unemployment, and make the US more self dependent. So even though the risk of
an oil spill is there, there are still guidelines and preparations that must be met to be ready in the
case that it actually happens. Also it will help improve the economy as well as create new job
opportunities for those who are unemployed or help others leave a position creating a job
opportunity for someone else. Also the US will be able to self maintain itself from having to
depend on other countries more and prevent meaningless wars to happen keeping loved ones
safe. So its important to know how much taking a small risk like this can help improve the
country in so many different ways. So if we ever get the chance as a country to vote for the idea
of drilling oil or not in the Artic; its best to vote yes to do better not in the short term but in the

long run. So keep an open mind to risk because you dont know much better it can improve one's
lifestyle because one action can create a domino affect and change a lot of things.

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