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Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network in Car Braking

Fuzzy logic captures information expressed verbally and permits to
perform computations with it. Neural networks aspire to mimic human
intuitive understanding of complex processes without mathematically
modeling them. The fuzzy logic has the attributes to give precise
responses. So, it may give responses in binary values that is 0 and 1
which are verbally defined as more, less, high, low etc. This
concept is applied in car braking system. The process of deriving an
output from an input in fuzzy logic, "inference," is not a calculation;
rather, it is conversion of real-world inputs to fuzzy values, identify the
applicable rules and derive a "weighted average," and translate this
information back to a real-world value. Neural network have the
attributes of memory and learning. In the learning mode, the network
make network with the stored values and match the input data with it
and store the value to get the correct result.