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4GW and Grand Strategy

4GW and Grand Strategy

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Published by: bovine splendor on Jan 09, 2010
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•You can use either the de-escalation model or the “Hama”*
(annihilation) model. If you fall in between, you’re doomed.
•The de-escalation model: stresses the moral level, understands the
power of weakness, integrates troops with the local population,
draws on that integration for good cultural intelligence.
•In fighting 4GW, “less is more.” Try to keep your physical presence
small, if possible so small that you are invisible. If you can’t do that,
then keep your footprint small in time – get in and get out, fast.
•Finally, if you have to take the least desirable route, invading and
occupying another state, you must do everything you can to
preserve that state at the same time you are defeating it. As we see
in Iraq, if you destroy the state itself, there is a good chance nobody
will be able to recreate it.

From “FMFM 1-A,” On War # 101,
January 25, 2005

*Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad quelled an insurrection in
the city of Hama by leveling part of it with an artillery
barrage on January 30, 1982. Estimates of the death
toll run from 10,000 to 40,000.

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