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CLASS CODE : IE673-FALL-2014-63-15




Collaborative Companies:


1)I am introducing the latest advance in dentistry that is the DENTA-CAM.I have four companies of
which each produces -1)the cameras,2)lens for the cameras 3)drilling machine 4)tungsten carbide
milling cutters. I will explain in my further description how I am going to use these companies to set up
my company.
Let me give a brief description of all the companies and its products which will make it easier for me to
explain better about my company and the product which I am producing with the help us these
companies that are listed above.
It is one of the most successful brands in the world which produces the best cameras, lenses and the
required accessories for the cameras. The cameras produced by them have high dynamic resolution,
clarity after zooming the picture. It feels like it appears better than what we see with your naked eye
sometimes. The other advantageous features are that they are

easy to carry(portable)
light weight compared to the old traditional cameras
high resolution power
SD card to save the pictures & GO GREEN
With flash light(that captures images even in dark)
Water resistant

TAMRON is a company that produces lens for the cameras sice 1950. Tamron has been increasing its
features ,spreading its arms and incorporating all the best features in itself and diminishing all the

defects to reach the perfection.In that process they have increased the resolution from 15.6mm to
18mm,which does not show much difference for the common people to read, but it makes a huge
difference for the professional photographers.

High resolution power

Water resistant
Can be modified according to the user
User friendly
Easy to use and understand the specifications

It is all about the drilling machines. These kind of machines were existing from long time. The same
principle is used in designing the TRI-TECH too, but it is highly modified, quick, efficient, and timeconserving. It is designed in such a way that the head of the motor is flexible rotates 360 degrees. It cuts
the objects very smooth, with less sound pollution, and cuts it in the way we want too.

Time conserving
Rotates 360 degrees without any friction
Cuts according to the users design

This is the company that produces the solid carbide milling cutters. They are made of tungsten and used
to cut titanium, nickel based alloys and stainless steel. These are the prime tools that increase the
efficiency of the drilling machines.

And now I am going to introduce my company and the product. Even before I
jump into the description I want to explain the need for invention of my product
and how will it be a sustainable green product.


If any of you have been to a dentist ,a dentist has many little tools that are used for various purposes in
the oral cavity
1)One of which is an instrument used to drill holes in the teeth specially to fix the cavities,which is
called a DENTAL HAND PIECE(AIROTOR) that holds the bur
2)A tiny BUR that is attached to the hand piece which actually drills the tooth
2)An INTRA-ORAL CAMERA(to take pictures of the teeth which are not accessible with naked eye)
3)A LIGHT attached to the dental chair
All the three perform different functions
My company creates one instrument that serves all the purposes i.e a HANDPIECE which has a LIGHT
attached to it,a CAMERA which can show everything live on the screen while performing the procedure
and makes it very easy for the doctor to explain and for the patient to understand,and obviously the

This invention may be little complex but it can replace three different instruments with a single
instrument that serves all the purposes.
I have to take the help of the above four companies for this invention to converge all the
advantageous features of each into DENTA-CAM

I will use the advantages of TRI-TECH to design my hand-piece

The burs similar to the design of the tungsten carbide EMUGE
The camera and lens as like in CANON & TAMRON

Dimension/Attributes of quality

1)Brand Name Quality- This is the most important part of a TQM system in my view; it is the
eye opener/statement that will set its ground for customers when they come look at your
company. Eco-Friendly DENTACAM gives a bold statement that this is a Sustainably Green
company without looking any further into it. Like our 4 companies that are working in
collaboration with the 5th company, they each set a specific statement with their companys

2.Features - The main features of this company is that we offer super light weight dental
handpieces, including all the features like camera, light,water, facility to place the bur. Our
other products offer green aspects, make from items that have been recycle and are more
environmentally friendly. Non-hazardous materials are used, everything is made from the most
green point possible.
3. Reliability/Durability -The hand piece is made of stainless steel,which facilitates it to be
corrosion resistant,even after sterilization.The carbide burs have good strength as they are
made of tungsten and rust free.
4. Serviceability - Servicing can be done by oiling the hand pieces after each use,by lubricating
the hand piece every day we can avoid unnecessary friction.And increase the life
5. Aesthetics - is not a big concern,but some dentists are specific about the appearance.As we
are incorporating all these features into a single hand pieces it might be liitle more bulkier than
the regular hand piece
6. Excitement Quality - The dentist using this instrument will definitely be happy and excited
while working because it reduces the work load and makes the life more easier,as all the
images and the video is clearly seen in th screen.
7. Safety quality -This product is safe and no injuries have been reported during the testing
period.But this is instrument is very sensitive when dropped frequently.The internal wiring may
be suppressed and may cause damage to the light.
8. Conformance to standards -Our product and our collaborative companies that work with us
are ISO-9001-2008 approved, allowing for the quality standards meeting or exceeding national
and international quality standards. You can bring our products anywhere in the world, as they
meet regulations in any continent.

ISO 9001:2008 quality principles

1. Customer Focus
Dentacam gives 100%of its effort to have a satisfied customer. Each of our products is tested
thoroughly to eliminate any defects that may arise in the future. A customer service hot line will
be available 24/7 to help accommodate any customer that may run into any problems. Each of
our products comes with a 1 year warranty, and we are always willing to resolve any problems

that come up with our products. Satisfied customer will always lead to a successful growing
2. Leadership
Leadership is a key role in our company that is based on a TQM plan. Each team leader will
work with their team to help motivate, and accomplish goals that are set for the project. Every
person in the company will play a certain role that will lead to the success of the company. Our
company works as if it was one big family; everyone is there to help one another, so no one is
ever left alone. By treating one another in this manner, we also strive to be the best role
models to one another and to our customers also. Showing that we take pride in our jobs, and
by following the steps of a TQM plan we are always trying to deliver the best product to you.

3. Involvement of People
As stated in the leadership post, our company acts like one big happy family, from this we trust
and respect our employees, In the hopes that once they are hired that they will give it all to the
company. This brings small companies to the top, the most important asset to possess while
owning a company is to have local and honest workers. If your workers will give their best
performance every time they perform a task, then you are on the step to success. Another
strong feature for an employee to possess is the ability to think outside of the box, being very
innovative in search of a new idea every day.
4. Process Approach
Each process that is taken place though out the time of the project being done, each will be
taken in a TQM approach. If each process is documented and give the best quality of wok
possible this would cut down on cost and time. Our efficiency rate would be much greater due
to the organization of the TQM system.
5. Systems Approach to Management
Our systems approach to management will be in charge of keeping up to date all the smaller
process that may not have as much attention as the larger processes. Our product requires that
each process is completed with the best quality; that is sustainably green. Each of these
different systems allow for a different approach to the management department. This can also
be known as TQM. TQM allows the customer to have a reassurance that the product that they
are purchasing is of the best quality possible.

6. Continual Improvement
Improvement is a field that everyone can always go into and improve. As a company everyday
our R&D department works on new innovative ideas to help improve our products. Once a
great idea is striked this is given to our various departments where each item is tested several
item under very harsh conditions. These conditions that are being implemented allow for a very
small failure rate, the lower our failure rate is to be, the sooner our company can be recognized
as a company of its word and its TQM and sustainable green process it t then can head towards
its way of being ISO certified. You can never have a product that will never need improvement,
the best companies are always working to improve their ways.
7. Factual Approach to Decision Making
Decision making in the company is mainly based of data that is generated though our
computers. No new data/products will ever be released without being 100% fully tested. Any
problems that may occur during the calculating period will be brought to the attention of the
higher managers. In which a meeting will be consisted to go over all the data and come up with
a solution together as a group, that can once again be released out to the public.
8. Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships
One key feature that we carry as a company is our relationship with our customers and
vendors. Even though we are working outside of each other, a relationship is built from day
one. This creates great value between one another, with value comes trust. If you can have
trust and value in a company they you are always going to prosper towards working perfection.
Relationships help create a lasting friendship, which in the business world will allow for great

Indian State Telangana Issues 500 MW Solar Power Tender
by Yogya Sri Yaragorla - Sunday, September 21, 2014, 1:39 PM

Andhra Pradesh is a state in India ,and few months back the state is divided into 2 separate states
as Telangana and Andhra due to various reasons,but before the separation there was announced
a 1000MW solar power project to meet the increasing demand of the need for power supply.And
this project was supposed to be within the limits of Telangana region.Now the tender is
sanctioned for only 500MW,and a separate project is to be started even in the Andhra region for
the same purpose as mentioned above.This is surely a boon for the states.The two states would
have surplus power supply if these projects are complete and can even supply to the surrounding

southern states too,but they do not have the required transmission capacity.How can we increase
the transmission capacity?

Re: Indian State Telangana Issues 500 MW Solar Power Tender

by Venkat Rushith Rekapalli - Sunday, September 21, 2014, 9:35 PM

Power capacities can be increased by finishing of the pending water projects in both states in as
to do so we need to move people staying near those power plants who are about 100,000 in
numbers and who will be home less after that, more over considering the benefits and the profits
which those two states can make moving those people should not be a problem but governments
should make sure that all those people get their home and business back and compensations have
to be paid, as these people are right in the middle of both states both governments should take

IE 673-851 Tesla Covertly Installing Wall Chargers at locations across the country
by Dorinda Walton - Monday, September 15, 2014, 1:58 AM

Telsa is installing wall chargers at locations across the country. These chargers are now available at
hotels, restaurants, beaches and boardwalks. Although, they is not set plan installing these
chargers Tesla has indicated that they this project completed by the end of the year across the US
and Canada. This is a great service yet its only being provided to Tesla customers only.


Re: IE 673-851 Tesla Covertly Installing Wall Chargers at locations across the country
by Mai Guo - Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 9:00 PM

Well since Tesla is absorbing the cost of the install they are only offering it to their own customer.
This enhances the value of being a Tesla owner. I actually think it is rather generous of Tesla to offer
this as a free service to their own customers. Not sure if this is just a marketing gimmick to attract
first time buyers or if they intend to keep their word of keeping it as a free service indefinitely.
I suppose it is possible that Tesla will offer the use of their charging station to other electrical cars at
If not Tesla, than I'm sure once electrical car use hits critical mass a third party provider will build
charging stations as a pay as you use service, no different than a gas station.

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Re: IE 673-851 Tesla Covertly Installing Wall Chargers at locations across the country
by Chaitanya Varma Sakineti - Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 10:37 PM

I completely agree with you. Either it is a marketing gimmick or part of their services this is really a
great initiative by Tesla . On a whole it will raise awareness in the public on the usage of electrical
cars. Once the sales of the electrical cars has significant share in the market it will directly impact the
environment positively. These kind of user friendly initiatives can give the electrical cars industry a
dominating role in the near future.

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Re: IE 673-851 Tesla Covertly Installing Wall Chargers at locations across the country
by Venkat Rushith Rekapalli - Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 1:18 AM

Tesla installing charging stations is absolutely a good marketing strategy to attract new customers
and also it is concerned about its customers so it is installing 106 charging stations across the
country, and these numbers will increase in very short time and its aim is to provide its service for at
least 98% of its customers by the end of next year which shows that they are also deeply concerned
about customer satisfaction. but i guess these initiatives by Tesla will be a eye opener for other
companies which see electric transport as future of transport.

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Re: IE 673-851 Tesla Covertly Installing Wall Chargers at locations across the country
by Tyler Reich - Thursday, September 18, 2014, 9:25 PM

Tesla said the charging outlets will only work on their cars, so that is why it is exclusive to Tesla
owners. Maybe the plug or amperage is different for each type of EV.
I think as time goes on, more and more charging stations will appear. I have seen only one and it
was in a college parking lot. This is a huge concern for me about purchasing an EV. I do a fair
amount of driving to work (over 100 miles everyday) and sometimes more, so not having a
convenient charging station around is a killer. 106 wall chargers is a start but there is probably 106
gas stations in a 50 mile radius where I live.

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Re: IE 673-851 Tesla Covertly Installing Wall Chargers at locations across the country
by Peng-Tzu Liu - Saturday, September 20, 2014, 3:57 AM

Tesla provides supercharger which could add around 58 miles for an hour is very efficient. However,
this service only supply for Tesla customers. In my opinion, supercharger is not necessary since

Tesla still could be charged by standard charging station; therefore, installing supercharger
somewhat wastes money and resources...

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Re: IE 673-851 Tesla Covertly Installing Wall Chargers at locations across the country
by Yogya Sri Yaragorla - Sunday, September 21, 2014, 1:51 PM

I accept the fact that installing superchargers is associated with lots of investment and probably it
can be avoided or diminished by replacing them with more wall charges for definite locations .The
whole point of invention of the tesla is to preserve the natural resources and to GO GREEN,and not
to disturb the economy of the country thriugh this.So what is the point when they invest the funds in
installing supercharges.They need to make the wall chargers more efficient and time-conserving
almost equivalent to superchargers which would make the life easier.

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Re: IE 673-851 Tesla Covertly Installing Wall Chargers at locations across the country
by Vikram Reddy Saddi - Sunday, September 21, 2014, 5:23 PM



This video indicates many things
Firstly-sound pollution-there is lots of noise when the generator is turned on,due to which
wildlife is disturbed greatly like the birds and small animals. Secondly, they wasted lots of
plastic in order to seal the wires and there is a poor insulation which very dangerous in the near
future. Everything they used to set up the generator is non eco friendly. As unnecessary amount
of fuel is used and in an inappropriate way.Many birds die as their audible limits are not as wide
as humans,either low or high frequencies of sounds irritate them ,and because of intolerance they
may die. All this is indirectly caused by humans


This video shows the poor quality control of the company that produce the beam rollers, from the
beginning as observed the brand new packet looks very old, greasy and the document with all the
indications is also in a bad condition. When the roller is tested the wheels are not gliding
properly, because of the poor designing .The wheels were sliding instead of rolling. That specific
piece is of no use and must be returned back to the company. Before an item is released into
market,it must be tested in all aspects and in all conditions. In spite of so many regulations this
piece turned out to be useless.

It is an advanced technology that can cut different materials at same time with same speed. It is an
affordable equipment. I learned that we have to produce an equipment that is affordable and which can be
used for variety of applications with out any significant modifications. This technology is used for any
gauge materials. Durability is important. Important thing less time for shifting from the soft water jet to
abrasive water not more than 2 min. This technology saves lot of time. We have to opt for a process that
can used for variety of materials, gauges with out taking significant time to switch. Single production line
that can used for different tasks is the good idea to save place and use the resources properly.
The Green Sustainability is the reusable water. Accurate cutting decrease the material wastage during the
process. Automatic simulation enables the water jet to cut accurately.

This was a non verbal video comparing the 2011 Honda versus the 2004 Hondas. What I observed is that
the 2011 brake and gas pedal was closer to the floor mat than the 2004 models. This allows easier access
for the driver to speed up or slow down. The mat had a ridged back which held the mat in place so it
would not move around and become hazardous to the driver. The drivers feet cannot afford to be tangled
in the mat. The 2011 model mats seem to implement the ridge design for the entire bottom portion of the
mat. The 2004 model shows a partial ridge design. I am not sure if recyclable components or any other
eco friendly materials and processed were used. I have not seen too much difference between the two

models. It was hard to tell the different aspects of the two products without audio or written information.
The main lesson I learned from the video was safety quality. The 2011 model seems to have pointier
ridges which sink deep into the carpet and holds. The 2004 model seem to have a more rounded ridge
which probably did not hold well in the past and created discomfort for the driver. BETD will continue to
research more efficient and safe ways to run the distribution process and make the necessary
improvements based on feedback from the customer, employee and supplier.
Ford Concept Car
This video is talking about Ford Concept Car. This car is designed based on customers culture
experiences and behaviors. As a story telling car, it represents people who live in the forest or town
environment that is a little bit unsafe. However, they are able to have a calm room away from home but
enjoy the beautiful urban view safe and sound.
Wings concept:
Wings means that everybody involved is assigned to a team and the co-coordinator is then asked to
facilitate and co-ordinate their team. Everybody concerned contributes to the result of the team in order to
achieve a high team performance. When the outer body is complete six KUKA robots perform the spot
welding assembling the underbody to side panels and roof body.
Gun torch performs 30 welds per cycle.Body shop is run by four Allen Bradley PLCs. These will run the
line and basically co-ordinate the sub stations of the automation line.Spare guns are used in case if there is
any problem with the existing weld gun.
OKUMA Lean Cells
This video shows the lean and flexible OKUMA and other integrated manufacturing cell designs and
applications. They produce aluminum wheels from aluminum casts. The process starts with turning
inboard side of wheel and half outboard side on a mounting flange. Then machine is placed in to drill
centre where they drill lug holes. They use modern diamond tools for further finishing of wheel face.
There is an inbound conveyor where the wheels are placed manually. After that robotic arms are used to
continue further turning operations.
In this, cell operator does not need to change any data between machines since each machine is hooked up
with a central control, tied together by serial interface and cooperate through robot for various operations.
The communication between the machines takes place via coding signals. Every machine has different
measurement and gauging mechanisms to control the quality.

95%, because I feel that I worked hard and have addressed all the points necessary and done well overall
in collaborating the 4 companies and I have covered all the mandatory requirements stated for the
assighnment including green sustainability.