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Peer Review Checklist


Device Page
Troubleshooting Page
Repair Guide Pictures
Repair Guide Text
Repair Guide Miscellaneous

This checklist explains many of the specific criteria that we look for when grading the
project. Use it to help you review each part of another group's project.
Device Page

Is the URL in the correct format? It should look like:

www/ Yes, fuctional URL
Does it include thorough background information on the device, as well as
information on how to identify the device? Include a line on how to identify
device, ir. Camera model num ber on front of camera and on bottom sticker.
Does it have at least three external links? Yes, 5 links
Is the device picture clear, well lit, and in the correct 4:3 aspect ratio? Yes, well
lit, clear, and 4:3.
o To check the aspect ratio, click on the "Image metadata" link on the top
left of the device picture.
Does the page contain correct grammar and punctuation? No major issues.
Does the page contain Troubleshooting, Background and Identification, and
Additional Information sections all in the proper formatting? Yes.

Troubleshooting Page

Is the URL in the correct format? It should look like:

www/ Yes and functional.
Does the page have at least five troubleshooting topics/problems? Yes, 5
Does each topic have thorough explanations of the causes, symptoms, and
solutions for each problem? Motherboard.. subgroup seems out of place or not
formatted properly or grammatically confusing. For example the Battery was
replaced and the Motherboard should be at the same level. Could be
grouped together as advanced troubleshooting instructions.
Does the page link to all of the device's repair guides in applicable solutions? Yes,
Is there correct grammar and punctuation throughout the page? For the most part,
Are the headers and subheaders all formatted correctly? Yes, well formatted.
Does each topic follow the correct order of:
o Symptom

Cause Under battery replacement, check the users manual is not a

Cause. Perhaps say bad motherboard. Motherboard could say LCD
problem as a Cause.
Solution? Link to guides for solution, perfect.

Repair Guide Pictures

Are they well lit? Yes.

Is every action portrayed with hands in the shot? Yes.
Did they use appropriate markups for screws, clips, and fasteners? Yes.
Are their pictures taken on a clean background? Yes.
Is the white balance set so that the background looks white and all of the colors
look natural? Yes, some have shadows, but still clear.
Are the pictures in focus? Yes.

Repair Guide Text

Does every guide use correct grammar and punctuation? Looks good, well written
and punctuation is sufficient.
Are the steps clear and concise? Yes. One warning says dont use a lot of
pressure, try to quantify the amount or using a verb, rather than saying a lot.
Perhaps say gently remove screws, they strip easily
Do the bullets describe exactly how to do something, as opposed to simply what
to do? Action verbs used appropriately.
Do the guides correctly identify all tools and parts?
o The blue tool should be called a "plastic opening tool" and the black tool a
o The motherboard should only be called a "logic board" if the device is
made by Apple.

Repair Guide Miscellaneous

Are the prerequisite guides used correctly? Yes, the prerequisites used on
motherboard and LCD screen, steps 1-5, are used correctly.
o No steps should be repeated.
Are all guides called "replacement" guides (unless specifically told otherwise)?
Did they make sure not to include reassembly instructions? Yes.
Did they list all screw lengths (measured to the nearest 0.1 mm) and head types?
Head type yes; screw length, no.
Do the bullet colors match their corresponding markup colors? Yes, step 8 has 2
colors for clarity, while the red bullets are in place where necessary.
Are the caution/note/reminder bullets only used at necessary times? Yes.
o Did they make sure not to write the words "Caution, Note, or Reminder"
after the special bullets? Those words were avoided.
Did they only use tools for their intended purposes? Yes.

Is the "Details" section completed for all guides? Yes.

The conclusion should read, "To reassemble your device, follow these
instructions in reverse order." Yes.

Written response and Flags!

Overall, the iFixit Milestones have been addressed and look well formatted. Only
minor grammatical issue or subheading in Troubleshooting page; should be cleaned
up to follow problem, cause, solution format specifically. Flagged details for
including screw size to 0.1mm, also time estimate for LCD screen replacement guide
unfound. Battery guide, step 3, Release the latch should say an action like pull.
The Undead Devices
Allison, Jaime, and Nick