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Imani Belgrave

English 112
30 October 2014

HIV is an immunodeficiency disorder that weakens the immune system. This disease
disables the bodys ability to protect itself from infections, bacteria, and other diseases
( Our society has is filled with many individuals, who have a different backgrounds
and come from different places. Over the years as HIV has been researched, this disease is
known to not have a cure. Victims, doctors, and the government are all important groups in our
society who have a dramatic impact on the world. These groups all share different thoughts,
cures, notions, and philosophies on the HIV illness. We can begin by analyzing the different
perspectives of the groups.
One very important group of the perspectives are the victims. The victims are one of the
most important groups, because these are the individuals living with pain, every day challenges,
and the judgment of the world due to the HIV illness. In a 2008, press interview, Editor in chief,
Regan Hoffman shares her personal experiences living with the HIV illness. She quotes Living
with HIV feels like I have swallowed a hand grenade with the pin pulled out. She also tells how
having HIV effected aspect of her life. It has affected her children, spouse, family, friends,
health, career, and financial status. Hoffman wants the voices of HIV victims to be heard, so all
of the many concerns with the virus can be known. Hoffman is currently working with The
Foundation for Aids Research to help individuals understand how HIV works, and to better
educate the HIV community. This example gives an insight of a victim dealing with HIV, who
wants to make a difference.

Physicians and medications are used to protect, help, prevent, and study the virus. The
Aaron Diamond Aids Research Center is a facility that studies people with the HIV infection.
Physicians explain the important research contributes to the development of potentially effective
vaccines against HIV. Being diagnosed may prevent individuals from transmitting to other
people ( Some symptoms of the immunodeficiency illness include fever, fatigue,
swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, weight loss, cough, and shortness of breath (Mayo Clinic).
Contraceptives, testing, and physician checkups are methods of prevention. The medications
used today for treatments are known as Antiretroviral or Inhibitors. By taking a certain amount
prescribed will insure protection for your immune system. Physicians use their voices to inform
our society on the proper medicines, techniques, and procedures to take. Physicians specialize in
health, which gives them the advantage to better understand the epidemic.
Most recently, According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention about 1.2
million Americans have HIV, and twenty percent of them are undiagnosed. Approximately
50,000 people become infected each year, and more than 18,000 die annually. The government is
a primary source for monitoring the HIV victims throughout the world, and speaking on the
subject. The government informs individuals on the progression, behaviors, and high risks of the
HIV infection. Although the government regulates the mass majority, they could be the voice of
reasoning. The government has information about HIV from a widespread of categories. Instead
of speaking on HIV only medically, emotionally, personality, the government provides realistic
facts. The facts come from events, research, and studies.

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