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Film Analysis

Beaches is a story of two girls; Hillary Whitney

as a privileged young lady from San Francisco,
enduring the pressures and expectations of her
wealthy family, and CeCe Bloom a struggling
young performer from the Bronx, filled with
determination, dreams and ambitions. Coming
from two completely different worlds; they meet
by chance, under the boardwalk in Atlanta City, Georgia; where began a beautiful, rocky, lifelong, and never-ending friendship. Continually expressing, exploring, and challenging what it
actually means to be a friend. As life and relationships progress, friendship is often, if not
always, put to the test. To love, to endure, to cherish and to prevail, against all odds; there is
nothing, which can compare to the cherished, unique, and special bond of friendship.
Friendship is one of the most beneficial, influential, and meaningful experiences that a person
will endure through the course of time, truly affecting the development of whom we are and who
we will become as a person.

It is a truly remarkable thing; how friendship can develop, to blossom-to flourish, seemingly
right out of nowhere; thin air. A person should never doubt the likelihood of friendship; never
doubt when or where people meet. It may very well be, at the moment, when friendship is
needed the most or to the contrary, when a distraction would be the worst.

In the first scene in Beaches, young Hillary Whitney is lost, scared, and crying. She just so
happens to stumble upon the boardwalk where she notices a little red hair girl under the stairs.
Suddenly the girl inquired why she was crying, Hillary explained that she could not find her way
back to her hotel. After carefully discussing and determining which hotel it was, she offered to
take Hillary there. (Beaches)

Just to think; that very friendship may lead to one of the most significant and dearest





underlining truth is a person never knows

what is in store. A friendship is indeed a
treasure, a gift received.

When Hillary asked what the girls name was

she replied, Im the one and only, child wonder, CeCe Bloom (as she jumping from the
shadows with her hands in the air). Hillary expressed that it was nice to meet her, CeCe was
flabbergasted that Hillary did not know who she was, since she had a routine on the Kiddie

Suddenly, CeCes mother Leona arrives with great enthusiasm over a producer who wants CeCe
to audition for a part in his upcoming movie. Hillary had the opportunity to watched CeCe
Glory of Love number. Hillary eagerly watched, smiled, and hummed along with admiration
and affection. After CeCes performance Hillary expressed, We will keep in touch, wont we?

CeCe replied, yea, but why do you want to keep in touch so much? Hillary replied, Youre just
most amazing person Ive ever met. (Beaches)

Hillary has been raised in a prestigious household with the limitation of only spending time with
family and activities surrounding an ideal image of propriety. She never had the luxury of
meeting new and interesting people, let alone sing, dance and goof around. This is why Hillary
was so fascinated with CeCe and eager to
become friends. Children want to have a friend,
someone to interact with and support them.
Granted, People identify family members as
their closest supporters yet also report that
friends contribute more to their well-being. However, its friendship outside of the obligation of
family, that is often agreed to be more important in health and well-being of an individual.
(Elizabeth J. Mutran, Donald C. Reitzes & Darcy Clay Siebert)

A chum teaches about the reciprocity of relationships and fosters sensitivity to the needs of
another person. The child learns what to do to contribute to the happiness and worthwhileness of
his or her chum. Moreover, a chum provides validation of self-worth. -Harry Stack Sullivan

In the lives of many children throughout all communities, the option of having friends or even a
best friend may not be so prevalent. There are many reasons why children may be left out;
possible due to personal characteristic, social/financial status, or the inability to build
friendships. Its realizing the affects through the course of life from lack of companionship
during the developing years that is crucial.

The Psychiatric Times published a study by Karen Dineen Wagner. The study took place over
the period of a day, in two groups; one without the childs best friend and one with childs the
best-friend. At five separate occasions, the groups would be asked questions regarding present
stressful situations and summit saliva to measure levels of cortisol. The childs cortisol levels
spiked heavily without their best friend present, versus when present cortisol levels nearly stayed
the same. Wagner stated, That a best friend buffered the effects of negative experiences.

When the girls are finally reunited after almost twenty years, through the writing and developing
of their friendship; it finally came true, their together at last. How they have often thought and
waited for this moment. In a way, it was like a dream come true and as any friends would do,
they picked up right where they left off.

Friendships for many of reasons become

important and meaningful. Even like with
Hillary and CeCe who only met briefly. When
friendship begins so does role identity, which
helps shape feature relationships and how one
will base their life upon. Regardless of how much time is spent apart or without contact; the
friendship that was at one time, will continue to benefit to the well-being of an individual
through role identity. (Lee & Shehan)

However, like all relationships or dilemmas in life, there are difficulties that must be worked
through. No one is perfect, people make mistakes, and feelings get hurt. The important thing is
how one learns and grows from their experiences.

Following the reunion Hillary and CeCe began living together. They loved being with each
other, learning more about one another everyday and spending the quality time like friends do.

Hillary began working for law firm and CeCe continued her acting career, performing any skits
or gigs she could. During one of the skits, a paid birthday song, she met John a director at a local
theater. The troublesome thing was the attraction that developed for John by CeCe, but his
attraction was for Hillary.

It wasnt long until she landed herself in a lead role a new musical. This was an exciting time and
event; CeCes break into large production. It was a success and received great reviews in the
New York Times.

During the celebration party, one thing led to another and John and Hillary left together. The
next morning Hillary revealed that she slept with John. This created distrust and disloyalty in
their friendship since Hillary was aware of
CeCes feelings for John.

Fortunately, they able to work out their

differences and moved past it. It was only the

matter of months before Hillarys father became ill and she had to go back home. (Beaches)

Many friends in this situation would have been able to handle the betrayal, possibly throwing
away many years of friendship over something so minuet. Hillary and CeCe in Beaches
demonstrate the closeness and understanding power of friendship. Showing as friends that
forgiveness and understanding is not only possible, but given out full handedly. Nothing in this
world can stand between friendship, and between the very special bonds resulting from that love.

The powerful aspect of the experiences that unfold is how one learns and grows from such
situations. Friendship is a bond like no other, its accepting, forgiving and remarkably
unbelievable. There is no way to limit or know the outcome of such a complex and diverse

The underlining truth is that friendships are crucial to the development of which one will
become, what one believes, and what direction one is going to continue their journey. From
child-hood to aging adults, a person is constantly learning, growing, and changing. If wasnt for
the people in ones life, one wouldnt truly know who they were. It doesnt matter who a person is
in ones life, youll take that experience into future relationships, becoming a better friend. In a
way, a friend is a friend, which never leaves you.

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