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Ubbilvitatta -: Buddha jayanthi tripitakaya / digital pali reader

Ubbillvitatta -: marahasagti piaka pottaka
Uppilvitatta -:chatthasaya
(Brahmajala sutta, DN)

This word can be seen in different ways with same meanings of same formulas in various tripitaka
series and traditional as above mention. In commentaries also it is given various spellings with their
traditional. Whatever is correct or true, we cant remove or change it.
uppilvino bhvo uppilvitatta. kassa uppilvitattanti? cetasoti. uddhaccvahya uppilpanaptiy
eta adhivacana. (chatthasayan aakat)
ubbillvino bhvo ubbillvitatta. kassa ubbilvitatta? cetasoti. uddhaccvahya uppilpana ptiy
eta adhivacana. (SL aakat)
When we find out the real meaning or word, lexicons can be used. But those meaning are also
discolour with writers own comprehended.
ubbillvino = elated state of mind/ elation ( ven. P.Buddhattha Dic)
ubbillvitatta = state of being elated (PTS dic.)
Ubbilvita = (according to the very plausible expln. given by Morris J P T S. 1887, 137 sq. for uppilpita,
pp. of uppilpeti = uplpeti < uplveti, as expld. under uppilavati, ud + plu; with ll for l after cases like
Sk. lyate > P. allyati, lpa > allpa etc., and bb for pp as in vanibbaka = Sk. vanpaka (*vanipp)]
happy, elated, buoyant, ltt. frisky; only in cpds. atta rejoicing, exultancy, elation of mind D i.3, 37; J iii
466; Miln 183; DA i.53, 122; and kra id. DhA i.237. At Vism 158 "cetasoubbilvita" stands for
ubbilvitatta, with v. l. BB uppilvita. Cp. J v.114 (ubbilvita cittat).na cetaso uppilvitatta
karayanti tampi vacana micch (PTS-Rhys Davit)
Ubbilpito = unduly elated, puffed up. Near the beginning of brahmajala sutta occurs the phrase cetaso
ubbillvitatta,undue elaedof mind, upon which Buddhagosagivin the foll. Gloss ubbillvino bhvo
ubbillvitatta. kassa ubbilvitatta cetasoti? uddhaccvahya uppilpana ptiy eta adhivacana. The
condition of one who is foll of elation is ubbilvitatta: if it be ased, why is it said ''elatoin of mind. I
replay that this is a term for joy which fuffs upand tend to pride 'uddhaccvah (PTS-Dic)
According to these lexicons meanings, spellings of a one word are wrong or different with each other.
Although dictionaries views are different some texts give similar meanings for them with different
spelt words. As below,
'tatra tumhehi na nando na somanassa na cetaso ubbilvitatta karaya you shoud not, on that
account, be filled with pleasure or gladness, or be lifted up in heart (PTS- tripitaka translation)

bhsitampeta bhagavat mama v, bhikkhave, pare vaa bhseyyu, dhammassa v, saghassa

v vaa bhseyyu, tatra tumhehi na nando, na somanassa, na cetaso uppilvitatta karayanti
The Blessed One said, If anyone should speak in praise of me, my teaching or the Order you should not
on account of that be elated. (milindapaha)

DN-t 1, 1. Brahmajlasuttavaan, Paribbjakakathvaan
Ubbilameva ubbilvita, tassa bhvo ubbilvitatta.
DN-t 1, 1. Brahmajlasuttavaan, Dihadhammanibbnavdavaan
Yya ubbilpanaptiy uppannya citta ubbilvitanti vuccati, s pti ubbilvitatta yasm
pana cittassa ubbilabhvo tass ptiy sati hoti, nsati, tasm s ubbilabhvakraan ti vutt
DN 1, 1. brahmajlasutta, paribbjakakath
na cetaso uppilvitatta karaya
DN-a 1, 1. brahmajlasuttavaan, paribbjakakathvaan
uppilvino bhvo uppilvitatta
MN 1, 3. opammavaggo, 2. alagaddpamasutta
na cetaso uppilvitatta karaya
MN-a 3, 3. suatavaggo, 8. upakkilesasuttavaan,
adihe ki nma bhayanti cintayato uppilvitatta udapdi
KN-a Ja 1, (tatiyo bhgo), 8. ahakanipto, [423] 7. indriyajtakavaan
ahso anuppilvitatta tatiya sadhu
Vism-a 1, 9. brahmavihraniddesavaan, pakiakakathvaan
gehasitaptivasena pahahabhvo uppilvitatta
Vism-a 1, 11. samdhiniddesavaan, catudhtuvavatthnabhvanvaan
yathvuttavikappanpajjana hi bhayabheravasahanassa kraa vutta. ugghto
Milindapaha na cetaso uppilvitatta karayanti
DN-t 1, 1. Brahmajlasuttavaan, Catubyhahravaan
na cetaso ubbillvitatta karayanti