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Domestic Violence: Talking with your fists

Domestic Violence is an issue that has existed for centuries. Not only does it affect many
females, but men as well. Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior used to institute power and
control over another person through fear and intimidation, often including the risk or use of
aggression. Unfortunately, many of these cases of aggression go by with nothing being done
because abused people dont take action against aggressors. Many of these blame themselves for
the aggression against them. Others on the other hand, believe that it is natural for the aggressors
to act like so, or have the belief that it will be the last time they react violently. The problem is
that aggressors dont stop, and continue their violent behaviors, resulting in more and more
violent acts.
In order for this issue to stop rising, one
must take firm action. Those abused
should stop aggressors and their
aggressive acts. Putting a stop and not
letting more atrocious deeds occur will not
only earn you self-respect, but will also
encourage those others to take action, and
get the help and support needed to better
However, not only are those that are
affected obligated to act against
aggressors, but also anyone who is aware
of someone going through an abusive relationship. It is our moral responsibility to help someone
whose life may be endangered, and give them our full moral and physical support. Nowadays,
we see many campaigns and television commercials talking about putting a stop to domestic
violence, and this is because it is becoming a more normal action and a much less serious
situation. We are showing our future generations that one does not have the right to leave an
abusive relationship, report the aggressor to the authorities, or have the dignity to stop, lift
oneself up and act against abusers. We all need to stand up, and halt this pattern that will only
arise. If we dont fully commit to ending domestic violence, our children, friends, or family
members are running the risk of finding someone who will be mistreated, beaten, and
emotionally hurt to such extent it may be too late to offer the help or support. Why do we have to
let someone be victimized over and over again until that person can no longer be able to help
oneself? Acting against abusers is the only way to save those that cannot do it for themselves.
Acting now, is the only way to save the ones we love. Dont let domestic violence just be a
whatever situation; instead, be the one who will not ever accept a domestic violence case.

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