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=m “The Premior of Ontario La premiére ministre de FOntario Leila Big veers Pee —— en ae sorte ue cers Pa December 11, 2014 ‘The Right Honourable Stephen Harper Prime Minister Government of Canada Langevin Building 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, Ontario KIADA2 ( ear Prime Mj caper: Further to our exchange of letters last month, Tam writing with an update. ‘As you suggested in your letter of November 17, we have reached out to various ministers in your {government on the specific issues raised with you in my letters of September 16 and November 19, Copies of our ministers’ leters ae attached. However, as vital as ministerial co-operation isi sno substitute for leadership and collaboration atthe tp. For that reason, am once again asking you to meet with me at your earliest opportunity to discuss these issues, wkich are of great importance to the people of Ontario and to their well- being. ‘As you may be aware, Friday, December 5 marked the first anniversary of our last face-to-face ‘meeting, That is too long & time between meetings ofthe Prime Minister and the Premier of Canada’s largest province, whose relationship should be one of collaboration, not confrontation. rely hope that you can find time to mect cary in the New Year. Inthe meantime, Jane Joins me in extending to you and Lauren our very best wishes for the holiday season, Sincerely, (Le leen Wynne Premier Enclosure ag, | PP ontario