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Kaur 1

Saloni Kaur
Mrs. Harrell
English 4
October 21, 2014

Research Question: How does Bollywood and Western dancing style influence each other?
Working Thesis Statement: Bollywood and Western dancing style have influenced each other
in many ways such as including some aspects of each others dancing style and adding it to their
own style.
Refined Thesis Statement: Bollywood and Western dancing influence each other in regards to
theme, clothing and entertainment.
Annotated Bibliography
Gonda, Arzan. What is Bollywood? Rhythm India Bollywood and Indy Fusion Dance. 2004.
Web. 10 Oct. 2014.
Arzan Gonda describes where/what Bollywood is with dance style Bollywood has. The
article also shows different Bollywood dance styles. Not only that but this cite also show the
international Bollywood level dancing such as how Bollywood is trying to be more western. This
cite also show the evolution of Bollywood itself. It also shows that how Bollywood is now
involved in Hollywood. Most important aspect is that this cite contains videos of the Bollywood
dance, which can help me differentiate both dance styles. Gondas article can really help me with
Bollywood style such as its origin, influence on others and spread of Bollywood to western side.
Gupta, Madhur. The Influence of Hollywood On Bollywood Dance. Desiblitz. November 4,
2013. Web. 10 Oct, 2014.

Kaur 2

Guptas article goes all the way back to the formation of Bollywood and western style
dances. Moreover, this article will strongly help me with the influence of western style on
Bollywood. Just like the first article this article provides me with the origin of Bollywood and
what aspects it took from western dance styles and added it to their style. This article is specific
about the dance forms, songs, and costumes that were brought to Bollywood. However, not only
it tells the western influence on Bollywood but also the Bollywood influence on western styles.
This article can help me with deeper view of influences of each styles.
Marcoux, Erica. The Globalization of Bollywood Dance. April 29th, 2012. Smith College.
Web. 10 Oct, 2014.
Marcouxs article is all about the Bollywood style such as history, different styles and
modern dance Bollywood. However, towards the end it changes to the influence Bollywood had
no western world. It also shows how India named its film industries from Hollywood. There are
many film industries in India itself with different dance style and Bollywood being one of them.
The article takes you deeper into the different styles Bollywood has itself and how each style has
its own way of influence. This article can help me take the topic much deeper and how Indian
film industry is actually divided up throughout the country.
Shah, Anushree. Snapshot of Dance Styles. Bollywood Dance Mania. 2006. Web. Bollywood
Dance Mania Group. 10 Oct, 2014.
Anushrees article can help me with how many dance forms are there and how each style of
Bollywood is performed or the description of the dance form. This article not only talks about
the Bollywood overall but also the traditional folk dance and where they are performed. This
article can help me with the more information of what they dance on their festivals or

Kaur 3

celebrations in general to see the difference. It has the videos or gallery to show how reach dance
is performed, which I can probably use to show how Bollywood is different. It also shows the
music they use for dancing and some of them are western songs that are performed in Bollywood
style. This article will be very helpful to answer my question.