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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership
Name: Yusuf Kilic

Date: 12/06/2014

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The plan should guide the LEAs use of education technology for the next three

List specific start and end dates (7/1/xx to 6/30/xx). Provide a brief overview of
the LEA, its location and demographics and/or share a link to the LEAs website.
Start Date:
LEA Title: Harmony School of Innovation
LEA Region: 4
City, State, Zip: Houston, TX, 77099
Phone: (713) 541 3030
Number of Students: 569
Percent of Economically Disadvantaged Students: 78
Website of the LEA:

Describe how a variety of stakeholders from within the LEA and the communityat-large participated in the planning process.
Community at large:
School Principal: Ali Yilmaz
Assistant Principal: Jennifer Sabin, Yusuf Kilic, Oanh Vu
IT Manager: Jeremiah Nji
Other Stakeholders
District Superintendent
Cluster IT Manager
Small businesses
Summarize the relevant research and describe how it supports the plan's

curricular and professional development goals.

Summarize the plans major curricular and professional development
outcomes that are supported by research.
I think implementing technology to the curriculum will increase the success of our
students and awaken our staff towards technology as well. Researches prove
that students academic achivement also depends on the technology
implementation in classrooms.
Describe information gathered from site visits, including best practices.
A sister school will be chosen and will be worked together. We will share our best
practices about technology together to improve our technology plans.
The Plan must establish clear goals and realistic strategy for using
telecommunications and information technology to improve education services.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Describe teachers' current access to instructional technology and current use of

digital tools.
a- What technology tools have been provided for teachers?
Laptops, projectors, room phones, iPhone, printers, IPads, clickers, smart
boards, document cameras, and chrome books, apple TVs.
b- How software and hardware have been used in classroom sets at each
grade level and in content area?
c- Teachers use their laptops for their lesson preparation, grading, class
activities, presentations, and can take class and school attendance.
d- Math, Science, Social Studies and ELAR teachers use chrome books.
e- Teachers can get print out from a central printers at any time.
f- Special Education, ESL, and LOTE departments use IPads.
g- Math teachers use a software program called Aleks for their Math
Lab classes.
h- ESL department use reading eggs and reading express.
i- Math and Science teachers use a software called study island.
Describe students' current access to instructional technology and current use of
digital tools. Include a description about the LEA policy, practices, and/or
replacement policy that ensures equitable technology access for all students.
1- Is technology available for extracurricular activities?
Offering lots of extracurricular afterschool activities require students to use
technology for their activities, at where students will access technology to work
on extracurricular activities. Computer lab and chromebooks are available to use
for any activities after school whoever needs to finish any computer based
assignment. For example science olympiad students can do research and
prepare their projects.

2- How is technology being used by students in classrooms?

For each student there is a chrome book in math, science, ELA, and Social
studies classes. When students in these classes they go to Aleks, study island,
or odyssey to solve problems from the topic that they learned in their regular
Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for using
technology to improve teaching and learning. Describe how these goals align to
the LEA's curricular goals that are supported by other plans. Describe how the
LEA's budget (LCAP) supports these goals, and whether future funding
proposals or partnerships may be needed for successful implementation.
How will your curricular goals and needs influence your technology goals?
Teachers are getting evaluated by administrators by using IPads.
Math teachers use chrome books in their Math lab classes to solve questions on
Aleks. Science teachers use chrome books to do some experiments and they
also use microscopes in biology related topics. Instead of showing the specimen
in each microscope science teachers they hook up the projector to computer to
show bigger image on screen.
Computer teachers follow their curriculum on technology applications and they
use some specific software and hardware for their classes as well.
These are the needs that influence our technology plan.
Are targets for improvement in student achievement being met?
Our future is all about the technology and education can stay back. So we need
to use this powerful tool to increase our quality of instruction. There are several
interactive methods that engage students and increase students achievement as
My school uses national grant to implement technology into the curriculum.

Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, to address

Internet Safety and the appropriate and ethical use of technology in the
1- Are targets for improvement in student achievement being met?
Last two years we have been using chrome books in classes and it has a
significant improvement in students state standard tests. Because with chrome
books students solve more questions.
2- How is access to only appropriate educational online resources
In our school we have a filtering system that we use in all computers that are
being used. Students also get training how to use chrome books and
computer lab computers appropriately. Teachers also can see all students
computers from their own screen.


The Plan must have a professional development strategy to ensure that staff
understands how to use these new technologies to improve education services
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Summary of the teachers' and administrators' current technology proficiency and

integration skills and needs for professional development.
1- Are administrators able to support teachers with the integration of
technology into daily curriculum?
New technology have a powerful way to change teaching and learning in a
positive way. So administrators should provide new technology tools for their
teachers and to find and arrange appropriate technology trainings for teachers.
2- How does your LEA regularly assess teachers ability to utilize technology
in a standards-based curriculum?
In my campus we have one formal observation in every semester and
multiple walkthroughs. Teachers are assessed for their usage of
technology as well.
Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for providing
professional development opportunities based on your LEA needs assessment
data and the Curriculum Component of the plan.
1- What professional learning will be available so teachers and
administrators can effectively use technology to assist with student
Teachers and administrators will be given training on how to achieve
curricular goals. During the professional development providing
technology training on data analysis on students computer based
2- What professional learning will be available so teachers and
administrators can effectively use technology to assist with student
We have been using several software programs for these we can arrange
trainings for our teachers and administrators from those companies that we
purchased. Hardware wise we can send our IT person to get training then he
can give trainings to our staff.


The Plan must include an assessment of the telecommunication services,
hardware, software, asset management, and other services that will be needed to
improve education services.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Describe the existing hardware, Internet access, electronic learning resources,

technical support, and asset management already in the LEA that will be used to
support the Curriculum and Professional Development Components of the plan.
1- What technologies are available to facilitate home/school communication
such as email, web pages, and voice mail?
For communication with home we have Wednesday mail. Every Wednesday we
mail it to parents and a hard copy also send home as well. Teachers also use
emails phone calls to communicate parents as well as sending letters. All of our
current events are posted to our web page.
2- What technology access do parents have at home? What technologies do
parents prefer for home/school communication?
For parents we have a mobile app for both apple and android. They can follow up
their kids academic and discipline improvement and it has a chance to send
email to teachers as well. But not all parents have internet access or smart
phone, ipads. So most parents prefer using news or events as hard copy.
Describe the technology hardware, electronic learning resources, networking and
telecommunications infrastructure, physical plant modifications, technical
support, and asset management needed by the LEA's teachers, students, and
administrators to support the activities in the Curriculum and Professional
Development components of the plan.
1- Can existing equipment be modified to meet certain needs identified in the
Whatever technology we are using right now is up to date. We just need to
increase the effectiveness of usage in classrooms to support students
2- Will the management and student recordkeeping software be compatible
with other local and state data collection systems?
Since we have been using eduphoria for years all of our students data has been
kept in there. Also our internal data base can keep students data as well.
The plan must include an evaluation process that enables the school to monitor
progress toward the specific goals and make mid-course corrections in response
to new developments and opportunities as they arise.

(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Describe the process for evaluating the plan's overall progress and impact on
teaching and learning.
1- What indicators of success will be used?
Teachers will check students test scores, and reading specialist will check the
increase on the reading levels and will also check students AR goals. Principal
will check if administrators have achieved their tasks.
2- Who will participate in the monitoring and evaluation process?
Each teacher will be evaluated by administrators two times a year. And will have
several walkthroughs during the year. Teachers will be evaluated for their
effective usage of technology and the quality of the instruction.
Describe the schedule for evaluating the effect of plan implementation, including
a description of the process and frequency of communicating evaluation results
to tech plan stakeholders.
1- How often will data be collected and summarized? Who is responsible?
Data will be collected three times for muck tests and 3 times for district
assessment. In campus AP assessment will be responsible for collecting and
summarizing data, district wise data analysis department is responsible for
collecting and summarizing.
2- How will teachers, parents, and other stakeholders provide suggestions
and opinions in the evaluation process?
We can use our school web site to post a survey and ask all of our stakeholders
to complete it. Then it will give an idea to make our technology implementation
successfully next time.