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Subject: HP TRIM Record Number: Sensitive athe aproptlelation oe nt sen pased forthe gran itnay take afew months and could be PV. A vs set and aces er ritaton gent sid 3 they were not “boo pele they woul get he permenant Jodvised she wished to return to iraq and see her daughter who is sick and not to spend any more nein i WIM iter oom oi Stats er koe room she advised me that shewened to commit suicide as she can't bear any more ime and not get as Sensitive Sensitive 7 | |\am writing to you regarding the above PV applicant who is currently in detention at Villawood. The applicant arrived in Australia as an Unauthorised Air Arrival (UAA) and therefore, as cart of the Government's strategy to place measures on illegal arrivals receiving a permanent visa, the case is on hold until legislation and new reforms are possibly introduced later this month, ‘The applicant contacts the Detention Co-ordination Unit in Onshore Protection on a daily basis asking about the progress of her application. At the moment health checks are still outstanding on ICSE, however a decision will not be made on her application until new legislation is considered in late September. Ths is outside our control as tis a government priority, As the Case Manager for ore you able to offer any suggestions how to best advise that her case will not be finalised at this time, Thanks for your assistance with this matter. egards,

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