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Matt Copeland
21, November 2014
The Fight for Oil
The Keystone Pipeline will change the American Oil Industry as we know it. The plan to
integrate the Keystone Pipeline into America will change the transportation and refining of oil to
a safer, cleaner and more economically efficient way .The Keystone XL pipeline will create new
jobs not only in building it but jobs in refining the excess oil in America which in turn will
stimulate our economy.
It will take thousands of workers to assemble the pipeline in every state it passes through.
TransCanada has estimated there will be 42,000 jobs created for assembly. The United States is
in debt $18.713 trillion, according to the FY16 Federal Budget, if we build this pipeline we will
receive about $134.6 Million in tax revenue. Also adding in the pipeline will contribute three to
four billion dollars to the American economy aside from the tax revenue. The pipeline will lower
the gas and electric prices in major industries, it is estimated that the savings will be $130
Billion. America is known as the worlds largest energy producer and has been known for this
for the last nine years. At the beginning the Pipeline is designed to carry an estimated 830,000
barrels per day from the oil sands of boreal forests in western Canada to oil refineries and ports
on the Gulf Coast. The extra oil from the pipeline will produce an estimated 11.1 million of
barrels per day by 2020 which was reported by the White House as of August (White

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House.Gov). These barrels will help promote America as a leader in energy production. The
extra oil will also go towards supporting our expanding industrial industries.
The most influential argument against the Keystone pipeline is that none of the oil will be
going to American because the Pipeline is backed by BP or British Petroleum. The United States
will not only receive large tax revenue from the pipeline but will have the opportunity to receive
oil from BP in a bidding process (NPR Texas).Another allegation is that the oil pipeline will be
damaging to the environment due to leaks in the lines. Keystone pipeline has upgraded its
original design adding an extra $2 million in add-ons to make the pipes stronger (U.S
Department of Development).
The United States needs to find a happy medium between parties in order for this to pass.
In recent votes between Republicans and Democrats on the issue the Republicans have called on
Obama to support the act. North Dakota's Republican Senator John Hoeven wrote a letter to
Obama calling for support stating that "Rejecting the Keystone pipeline will cost thousands of
American jobs and prevent our country from accessing a large supply of North American
energy." (Huffington Post) A way to get rid of party lines would be to not only compromise but
to also work against the pipeline in a way. I mean this not to counter Keystone but to work
against it to get the largest return from them, in oil, and money. This can be done with having the
companies using the pipeline pay a fee every year in money and oil.
The Keystone pipeline will give needed revenue to the United States helping us once
again become the economic leader in production and in energy efficiency. We will become a
model of energy for the rest of the world.

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