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Kerensa Okano

ENGL 1312

Combat Training for Flight Attendants

December 12th, 2014

Kerensa Okano
Opinion-Ed Piece for
ENGL 1312

Is It Enough?
Terrorist attack that changed the American history
forever in September 11th, 2001 created a major impact in
many companies and businesses. Airlines and airports were in
particular that had a major impact after the 9/11 attack. Many
new policies were enacted and existing policies were tweaked
and re-established. Such as installing a lock for the cockpit
door, having an air marshal on certain flight everyday, very
strict security checkpoints, and establishment of TSA. However
the problem is this; are these enough securities for our
passengers to feel confident and comfortable in order to
prevent a terrorist attack?

Question to think about:

Are you comfortable as a passenger how you do not know if
there is an air marshal on board or not?

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Make It Mandatory

Once the door close, flight

attendants are the last line of

Corey Caldwell.

It is impossible to
have an air marshal on every
flight for thousands of
airplanes that are operated
every hour and everyday.
Which mean the myth of
having an air marshal on
every airplane is false. If that
is the case, by just having a
locked cockpit door and TSA
operation enough to protect
our citizens from any highdanger and from passengers
who are incapable to
cooperate with the flight
Many flight attendants
are fighting with the
government to provide better
security and policies to be
implemented to the airline
industries. Association of
Flight Attendant have started
a four plan goal of how they
could improve on their safety
procedures in order to make

their passengers feel more

comfortable than the policies
that exist now. Those goals
include better
communication device, shut
down wireless Internet
during high threat,
standardize size for carry-on
bags, and most importantly,
mandatory combat training
for the flight attendants.
America is not the
only country that is
suggesting the same
important issue. In Hong
Kong Airline, they believe
that it will prevent a risk of
high danger if their flight
attendants are professionally
trained on how to take down
an angry passenger. Hong
Kong Airline flight attendants
are trained in Kung Fu, which
is a type of martial arts
famously used by Bruce Lee.
All flight attendants must be

trained for this type of

martial arts and they have
several cases where this
technique came in handy.
It is extremely

I feel safer because

I can defend myself
Hong Kong Airline Flight
important to know how to
defend yourself and others
especially because of how
fast danger can occur in
seconds. With those few
seconds, lives can be taken
away even before an air
marshal can be contacted and
can be aware of the situation.

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New Change
Flight attendants serve a
vital role in protecting
the safety and security of
Patricia Friend

Currently in United States

according to Association of Flight
Attendant, combat training is now
voluntary if flight attendants wish to
be trained. However, I believe that for
our future of American and for
protection of America, everybody
must be trained professionally in
martial arts that properly teach flight
attendants how to defend quickly and
respond rapidly to any serious
danger. It is not only the air marshal
job to protect the citizens but also it is
the flight attendants responsibility to

provide a safe environment while being thousands of

feet above ground.
Become a part of this movement today and
together we can protect our people and change the world
to a better place!
To call our petition voice inbox: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Martn, H. (2010, March 6). Flight attendants union wants
combat training. Retrieved December 12, 2014, from