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Information Literacy

Project Explanation and Assessment Guide

Total points possible: 40
Knowing how to access scholarly information through the physical, as well as the virtual library system is
critical for today's learners and teachers. This project has been designed to allow you to demonstrate
skills in accessing, analyzing, and reporting scholarly information.
Background scenario:
You have the opportunity next semester to be appointed to work with Dr. Jessica Phelps as a research
assistant. It is a highly competitive position as it includes not only a monthly stipend payment but also a
full tuition waiver. You really need this assistantship and you want to impress Dr. Phelps that you are the
best possible candidate for the job. In order to evaluate all of the finalists for this position, Dr. Phelps
has generated several tasks that need to be completed. Each will demonstrate some aspect of your
information literacy.
Part 1 (5 pts.)
Dr. Phelps sends you a document (see attached) that contains a number of pictures, as well as a list of
various location descriptions that could be found within the library. Each picture is of a various part of
the HSSE library.
Complete the following:
1. Review Document A: "Phelps Library Pictures - location matchup." Study the pictures and what
the task will require based on that document.
2. Go to Purdue's HSSE library and explore;
3. Using the pictures in the "Phelps Library Pictures..." document, complete the matching
4. Once your matching has been successfully completed, scan your completed document (just the
first page, not all of the pictures) and save it.
Part 2 (10 pts.)
Much of your time working for Professor Phelps will be working in the library and also online where you
will be finding and citing specific scholarly research articles. Dr. Phelps needs to make sure the person
she hires has the ability to locate specific articles in the research journals and cite their bibliographic
information using the proper APA format.
Complete the following:
1. Use the information provided by Dr. Phelps (see attached Document B: "Phelps_List Student
Worksheet") to explore the Purdue online library system to locate each of these full journal
articles. You may need to carry out a specific search in order to locate the appropriate journal.
2. From the actual full articles, create a word processed document with your final bibliographic
reference list that includes an APA style reference for each of the articles.
3. Save your document.
Part 3 (15 pts.)

Professor Phelps is adamant that the selected candidate for her assistantship will need to be able to not
only locate important articles, but also analyze and write about the key information and data that are
contained within those articles.
Complete each of the following:
In this final application step, Phelps desires to give you a research topic and then have you complete the
following. She has determined that your selected research topic will be: ONLINE LEARNING
1. Locate a minimum of three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles (do not use textbooks, news
articles, or internet blogs/sites) that are relevant to the given topic (Online learning).
2. Properly cite the full article reference (proper APA formatting).
3. Write a 2-3 sentence annotation about each of the articles. The annotation should briefly
describe the major finding(s) of the reported research in the article.
4. Create and save a well formatted word processed document containing all of the referenced
articles and annotations. Check for proper grammar and spelling.
Part 4 (10 pts.)
Complete the following:
1. Using a word processor, write a reflection/narrative that explores the meaning of information
literacy. Specifically in your reflection, consider the following questions:

What is the overall value of being informationally literate?

Why do you as a student and as a future teacher need to know how to access, evaluate,
and use information in the 21st Century?

In what ways is information literacy reflected in the ISTE standards for teachers?

What is the relevance of topics such as plagiarism, copyright, and fair use to information

In what ways has technology impacted the need for increased information literacy?

2. Your written narrative should be 1-3 pages in length (single spaced), well formatted, concise,
clear and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
3. Save your document.
Submitting your finished project
1. Create a document that contains:
Part 1: Your scanned document that demonstrates your completed matching exercise.
Part 2: Your list of bibliographic APA style references derived from the Phelps list.
Part 3: Your well formatted document that contains the full references and annotations of
the articles you found relevant to your given research topic.
Part 4: Your 1-3 page written narrative of this project.
2. Submit your final document in the Assignment area of Blackboard.

Document A: Professor Phelps List of Library Locations

Below are a set of pictures of items located within the HSSE Library within the Stewart Center at Purdue.
Find each of these items physical location within the library and match the picture with the location
description. Just draw a line between the title of the picture (e.g., Item in Picture A) and a location that
most closely describes where it is physically located within the library (note pictured items may be in
similar locations).
Item in Picture A

1st Floor Main Reference Section

2nd Floor Main Reference Section

Item in Picture B

3rd Floor Main Reference Section

1st Floor Main Stack Section

Item in Picture C

2nd Floor Main Stack Section

3rd Floor Main Stack Section

Item in Picture D

1st Level Periodical Stacks

2nd Level Periodical Stacks

Item in Picture E

3rd Level Periodical Stacks

Picture A

If the Purdue library system doesnt have a copy of the book or article you are needing, this is the place
where you can request the needed item is borrowed from a library that has a copy.

Picture B

A large collection of childrens books

Picture C

Textbook area that focuses on information and instructional technology

Picture D

Large sets of research journals and other periodicals

Picture E

Reference materials that cant be checked out of the library

Document B: Phelps List Student Worksheet

Please retrieve a copy of the full journal article for each of the following references. From the
full articles, create one reference list. The list must be completed in APA style.
1. Flipping the classroom and instructional technology integration in a college-level
information systems spreadsheet course. by Davies, Dean, & Ball, (2013).
2. The article that is on pages 471-485 of the Journal of Sociology, volume 49, the 4th issue.
3. The article Clyde Herreid and Nancy Schiller wrote in 2013 in the Journal of College
Science Teaching. It is about flipped classrooms.
4. An article by Park and Bonk that compares distance and residential learners. It was in the
third issue of 2007 of The Journal of Interactive Online Learning.
5. How learning in an inverted classroom influences cooperation, innovation and task
orientation. Learning Environments Research, 15(2), 171193.