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Special Chicken Non-or-Other Crockpot Beef Leftovers Turkey or

Meal Meat or Beans Breakfast
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Special Chicken Non-or-Other Crockpot Beef
Meal Meat or Beans
Slow-Cooker Chicken and Broccoli Tortellini Chili FI&F Mexican Goulash
Enchiladas FI&F Pineapple Salad p. Salad p. 47 L/T NYC
(Light) p. 74 47 L/T Feb/Mar Feb/Mar 2005
(Higher cal.
African Beef& No Fat No2005
Salt Baked Beans Chicken and Taco Salad
Curry FI&F Chicken Teach EWTC p. 112 Stuffing Green
(Light) p. 80 (Canadian Bacon) Notebook
Served with rice
& lemon yogurt

Low-Fat Glazed Chicken, Barley Southwestern Haystacks FI&F p. Loaded Enchiladas

Chicken FI&F and Bow-Tie Soup Pasta EWTC p. 120 EWTC p. 231 (Beef
(Light) p. 22 EWTC p. 35 (Beans) and Beans)
with rice

Barbecued Chicken Curry Baked Fish EWTC Super Easy Chicken Taco-Stuffed Pasta
Chicken Breasts FI&F (Light) p. 28 p. 47 with Long FI&F(Light) p. 15 Shells Green
FI&F (Light) p. serve w/rice & Grain & Wild Rice Notebook
10 with oven raisins,pineapple,
roasted toasted almonds,
potatoes coconut, yogurt

Cowtown Smothered Pork Tenderloin Lemon Chicken Meatloaf and

Favorite FI&F Chicken FI&F w/apple juice & FI&F(Light) p.8 Mashed Potatoes
(Light) p. 62 (Light) p. 24 cinnamon
(Like beef stew)

FI&F = Fix it and Forget It

L/T = Light & Tasty
Teach = Teach Institute (Homeschool Accreditation Organization) Cookbook
EWTC = Eating Well Through Cancer
NYC = Now You're Cooking Software Program
Friday Saturday
Leftovers Turkey or
Leftovers Meal Soup
NYC or Pancakes
Leftovers Roasted Turkey
Breast with Wild
Rice and Barley
Pilaf EWTC p. 84 &
115 or French Toast
/French Toast

Leftovers Easy & Delicious

Turkey Breast
FI&F(Light) p.38 or
Leftovers Turkey Macaroni
FI&F (Light) p. 45 or
Canadian Bacon,
Egg, Cheese Biscuit
or Muffin
/Canadian Bacon,
Egg, Cheese Biscuit
or Muffin
Leftovers Slow-Cooker Pizza
(like lasagna with
ground turkey) FI&F
(Light) p. 44 or
Poached Eggs in
Milk on
/Poached Toast
Eggs in
Milk on Toast
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Special Chicken Vegetarian, Beef Crock pot or Leftovers Breakfast Meal
Meal Eggs or Soup or Pizza