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To say that Hollywood is one of the

As mentioned before, Hollywood

biggest influences within the United






States society is an understatement. It is

However, Zurko gathered that women

the king of all media, and with good

purchase half of the ticket sold in the

reason. Hollywood is a machine that

U.S. Isnt this information important

distributes and exports not only films but

enough to have Hollywood change its

also representation. It seeks to give power


to the films that will satisfy a popular


The film industry in Hollywoods claws

is nothing more but a profit engine. Films
are meant to be consumed and at the same
time, satisfy people. Youd think that by
having such power over society, they
would get something as important as
representation right.

Theres a major disequilibrium within

this corporation, and that is the equality
that is given towards women. Hollywood
is a boys club.

This means that the

majority of the people currently working in

this industry consist of men. According to
Zurko (2013), There is a 5:1 ratio of men
working on films to women. There are
more men behind the camera, in front of
the camera, off the screen and on the
screen than women.

Furthermore, it is

proven that the industry consists of a

patriarchal community.

Referring to the men from great and

lesser power inside this industry, to the

women who are battling their way to

have proper representation, inside -

- this industry, and to the women who are battling their way to have proper representation,
inside and outside film, we are not in a place where this will be accepted any longer.
Hollywoods main base is its audience. The system hasnt changed much because of the way
the audience has been responding to it since the Golden Era of Hollywood. But important
changes have been made. Blockbuster hits like Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuarn and The
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, directed by Francis Lawrence, have both proved to be
enormous successes dismantling the myth that female protagonists cant carry films as big as
these ones. This is just the beginning; we still have a long way to go. As of 2013, and
according to Lauzen (2014), Females compromised 15% of protagonists, 29% of major
characters, and 30% of all speaking characters.

It may sound exaggerated to demand an industry as big as Hollywood for a change, but
things that can cause small steps can prove to, in reaction, have a bigger change. As female
audiences, we need to demand more female writers. The point of view of men has proven to
be the #1 most toxic component in film regarding representation. To support female writers,
we are supporting the female point of view.

Supporting independent films is also something that can be done to reach at the end the top
of this industrys mountain. Independent films are more aware of the systematic sexism that
exists in popular cinema. Female directors, like Catherine Hardwicke, have climbed over the
years all with the help of independent cinema.

What comes out of it would be to finally have a voice with the help of brave and
hardworking female directors, writers, and actresses that keep fighting for better
representation if we support them.

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Alejandra Lozano Gmez

Opinion Piece